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Core Aeration
Alleviates soil compaction in established turf, encourages root growth by increasing oxygen to roots, and allows seed, lime and fertilizer to enter into the soil

  • Cool season grasses (fescues, rye, KY bluegrass)- aerate in fall
  • Warm season grasses (Bermuda,Zoysia)- aerate in June or July

** A general rule is to aerate only when desirable grasses are growing vigorously

Solid Tine Cultivation
Eliminates hardpan conditions and connects the surface of the soil with underlying drainage layers improving oxygen flow to the root zone.

  • Recommended for all turf during growing season on an as needed basis.
  • ”Frequent aeration can only help improve soil conditions,”*

*Martyn T. Jones, section head of Turf Science at Myerscough College in Lancashire.”

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