Mosquito Joe vs. Natural Green: 2 Pest Control Services in Central & Southern Maryland

Bugs! Who likes them in their home? Not many people.

Whether it’s ants crawling around the kitchen counters, spiders setting up webs in your corners, cockroaches scurrying across your bathroom floor, or mice moving into your garage, you didn’t invite them in … and you definitely don’t want them to stay.

All you really want to do is get these pests out of your home once and for all.

If you need to eliminate bugs from your home, there are a few exterminators you can choose from in Central and Southern Maryland. Just type in “pest control companies in Central and Southern Maryland, ”and your search will result in a long list of companies -- small ones and large ones.

Doing this research can be time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort. You want to find a good fit -- a company that understands the insect you’re dealing with and can quickly eliminate your infestation.

How can you be sure you’re going to pick the best match for you? And then how can you know you’re not going to be disappointed in the service you get?

You just want those pests gone. We get it.

As you look for local exterminators, Mosquito Joe will probably appear on the list. And you’ll want to compare that business to others like Natural Green. Let’s review some similarities and differences so you can make a fair comparison.

Mosquito Joe vs. Natural Green: The Franchise Company vs. the Smaller, Local Company

Founded in 2010, Mosquito Joe is a franchise business with its headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

In 2018, Neighborly acquired Mosquito Joe, adding it to its other home services. Mosquito Joe has 347 franchise business locations across the country.

Mosquito Joe of Southern Maryland only offers mosquito control, as well as flea and tick control in Southern Maryland.

Natural Green is a local business that offers a full suite of lawn care and pest control services in Central and Southern Maryland, in addition to mosquito control and flea and tick control. So, service offerings separate the two companies quite a bit. If you have multiple pest control and lawn care needs, Natural Green can take care of them all, while Mosquito Joe can only handle your mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

Natural Green lawn care and pest control technicians Size is also a big difference between the two companies -- Natural Green is a Maryland-based business, while Mosquito Joe has locations across the country. We like to keep a tighter, more compact service area because we feel this enables us to be more nimble to customers’ needs so we can answer questions promptly and arrive quickly to solve problems. We like to specialize in Maryland lawn care and pest control issues, and not issues impacting multiple locations across the U.S. so we’re not distracted.

Mosquito Joe vs. Natural Green Prices

It’s very natural to want to know the price differences between pest control companies. We can tell you that because we aren’t as large and don’t spend as much money on marketing, we likely are less expensive or comparable in cost to Mosquito Joe.

But, as you investigate prices and look at your budget, looking at the costs for pest control services in Central and Southern Maryland is important in your decision-making.

Technician Experience and Training

We employ registered professional pest control technicians. Treating our employees well is high on our list of priorities because we know this means they will treat our customers better as a result. That’s the reason our average team member tenure is around three years for our pest control technicians -- much higher than the industry average.

Natural Green technician trainingA few times each year we also train our technicians on proper pest control application techniques and best practices. This ensures our technicians recognize pest issues and can quickly address a variety of problems. Maintaining high-quality service at each home visit is important to us. As a result, our technicians -- the ones who know your home and the pests nearby best -- stay with us. When we invest in them, they invest in you. We have had employees come from other businesses to work for us because of this.

Larger pest control companies in Central and Southern Maryland that don’t follow these practices tend to have higher employee turnover rates. We’re not sure if that is the case with a franchise-based mosquito control company like Mosquito Joe, so you may want to ask these questions if you’re considering hiring them.

Consistent Customer Service

Consistency is very important to us. When you call us for a pest control problem for the first time or the 101st time, we want your experience to be positive and informative every time.

Pest control services inspection A smaller company can be more proactive and flexible, taking the time to answer questions from customers. If you have issues with a pest inside or outside your home and aren’t sure what to do, you want the opportunity to talk with an expert. You have questions, and we never want to cut your time with us too short. We want to know you on a first-name basis and provide you with responsive service. That’s why we like to stay fairly small.

Franchise companies can get wrapped up in focusing on production -- how many houses they can visit in a day -- versus the quality and attention at each visit. Their marketing is also country-wide versus state-specific. When you interview franchise companies like Mosquito Joe, it’s important that you ask questions about this so you know how they will address your mosquito, flea, and tick concerns.

Customer Service Ratings

Customer reviews say a lot about a company’s customer service. We are so proud of our Google rating and all of the positive reviews from our customers. This is a higher average ranking than many pest control businesses.

Google Reviews

  • Mosquito Joe of Southern Maryland: 176 reviews for 4.9 stars
  • Natural Green: 238 reviews for 4.6 stars (and more coming in each week!)

It could be the pest knowledge that our licensed and certified technicians deliver to you or our fast response to your inquiries and worries. Or maybe it’s the way we treat your home like it’s our own. We love hearing this feedback from our valued customers. It is a sign to us that we’re doing things right.
A few of our customers have even taken the time out of their busy schedules to share video testimonials with us!

Pick The Best Pest Control Company For You

When it comes to pest control companies in Central and Southern Maryland, you have a lot of options. We know that once you have a pest problem, researching which company to choose can feel like it takes a ton of time. Meanwhile, those pests aren’t going away.Natural Green pest control inspection But doing your research is important. You should look at all of the companies you’re researching, including Mosquito Joe and Natural Green, and compare their services, approaches, experience, and pricing. No one wants to waste time or money making the wrong decision.

We’re here to help you as you do your research. We’d love to make it to the top of your list. But your happiness is important to us -- no matter which company you choose.

When you make a great choice, you build a solid relationship with a pest control professional, and then you can enjoy your home without any interruptions or headaches from pests.

Want to learn how Natural Green could be your pest control partner in Central and Southern Maryland? We’d love to learn more about you. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we can prepare a customized plan.Pest Control Company Comparison GuideView Pest Control Programs


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