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Frequently Asked Questions

Our summer fertilizer applications are tailored to not burn or dry out your grass. Instead, it will help the lawn survive summer heat stress and assist in recuperation when you water.

Weeds:  Why won't my weeds die?
Weeds begin to curl and wither in 5-7 days, but may take up to 21 days before they are gone completely. Hot weather, a heavy rain within 24 hours of treatment, or mowing immediately after an application can reduce control.

Can dandelions be prevented from showing up in my lawn?
They cannot be prevented, just controlled in late spring, after they have sprouted.

How soon can I water my lawn?
It is best to leave our products on any weeds you have until they are absorbed, usually at least 24 hours.

Insects:  I see beetles on my lawn and in my shrubs. Does this mean I also have grubs?
After defoliating ornamentals, shrubs and some trees, beetles lay their eggs in the soil and their eggs hatch into grubs that begin feeding on the roots of your lawn, depriving it of nourishment. 

Fleas make our dog miserable every summer. Can you help?
Yes, we can treat your lawn in the summer to control the fleas and ticks.

Is it OK that your technician applied our weed control on a rainy day?
Weed control products are primarily absorbed through pores in the weeds' leaves. As long as the product is not washed off the leaf, control will occur.

Service:  We've had disappointments with lawn services in the past. Why should we think Natural Green Systems will be any different?
Three reasons: Natural Green's professional fertilizers are the best in the world, we guarantee that your lawn is always cared for by certified staff, and we continually evaluate our staff on the quality of their service.

Is your service guaranteed?
Yes you must be fully satisfied with the results you see, visit after visit. If not, simply let us know and we'll make things right.

Maintenance:  Can I mow the same day my lawn is treated?
You can mow immediately after we apply our fertilizers, but do not mow for at least 24 hours after we apply our weed control products.

How long should we stay off our lawn after you visit?
If your lawn received a granular treatment of fertilizers you can begin lawn activity right away. If  a liquid weed control, please stay off the grass until the liquid has dried, usually one to several hours depending on temperature, humidity and wind.

How safe are your products (for my kids and pets, for example)?
Our fertilizers are not considered hazardous material and contain many of the same active ingredients as the products from your local nursery or garden store. When used by our professional technicians in strict compliance with labeled instructions, they do not represent any significant threat to your family or pets.​

I noticed a price increase for 2018 services. Why did the pricing go up?
Natural Green Systems purchases product for the year before the year begins. Some years there is an increase in price for fertilizer, pesticides, and weed control. Due to the price increase of materials, there is an expected price increase of 1%-3% year over year. This year there is an increase of 1.5%.

Can my price ever go down?
Potentially, yes. Sometimes the cost of materials may go down. In the instance that our pricing goes down we will pass on our savings to you!

How can I sign up for monthly installments?
For the 2018 season for the convenience of our customers, monthly installments will only be offered via online accounts. If you have not already registered for an account please do so at www.naturalgreenlawnandpest.com and click the “pay online” link at the top of the page. This link will take you to a page where you can select “create an account” Once you have created an account you can sign up for Monthly Installments, Opt-in for pre-service text messages, pay your bill online and much more!

Why is my Interior/Exterior Pest Program different this year?
In order to better serve our clients, we have updated your Interior/Exterior pest program to a monthly schedule. The cost of this program is $28.15 per month.

This service includes a complete inspection of premises for pest activity. All exterior eaves are swept and a liquid or granular barrier application of appropriate pesticide applied around the perimeter of your home. Appropriate bait and preventives will be placed in strategic locations under sinks, dryers, washrooms and in basements. All cracks and crevices along baseboards, doorways and other entrance points will be treated. For best results we will inspect and treat as necessary each month for a pest free home. Also, January/February treatments will be completed on a Saturday or in conjunction with lawn treatments (in later months) if you are available. Moving forward into the year, the interior treatments will be completed on Saturdays and the monthly inspections at the same time as lawn treatments whenever possible.

Why is my Exterior Pest Program different this year?

In order to better serve our clients, we have updated your Exterior pest program to a monthly schedule. The cost of this program is $24.05 per month.

This service includes a complete inspection for pest activity around the perimeter of your home. The eaves of the home are then swept to clear spiders and other pests. An application of appropriate and environmentally friendly pesticide is then applied in a swath of 2-3 feet up the structure and 2-3 feet out from the home. This barrier maintained at monthly intervals will make your home pest free!! (Please report any pest activity that you observe after 5 days of treatment to office)

Pest control services will begin when weather permits. Also, January/February treatments will be completed in conjunction with lawn treatments if you are signed up for potassium supplements or early lime service. Moving forward into the year, the services will be completed together whenever possible.