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Spring Seeding

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Thank you for allowing us to service your lawn! Below are some important and often asked questions and answers about spring seeding as well as cultural practices that will benefit your lawn.

 When should seed be planted?

We reside in what is known as the Transition Zone, simply put this region does not favor either cool season or warm season grasses. A determination must be made on what type of grass to grow based on soil condition as well as exposure to sunlight. For cool season turf (fescue, rye KY bluegrass) the optimum time to plant is Fall. Spring planting is done as early as March 1st but germination will be based on ground temperature (must be 50 F) and adequate watering. Warm season grasses (Bermuda ,zoysia ) are planted between May 15th and June 30th.

How much should I water?

In the spring there is usually adequate precipitation, but new seed will not germinate unless it is adequately watered. If there is no rain, water the seed for 10-15 min. at least 3 times per week until rain is in the forecast.

When can I mow? Not until growth is at least 4 “.This usually takes 4-6 weeks after planting. If you mow too early before the plant adequately roots the plant can be pulled up and will often die.


Preventers such as Haltz, Barricade, and DiCamba have active ingredients such as prediomine. These pre-emergents kill actively germinating seed and prune the roots of young plants causing plant death. While these preventers are normally applied in early March thru May they are never to be used on newly seeded areas.

Will I see weeds in my new grass?

Unfortunately yes. The initial and 2nd  lawn treatment will contain a specialized organic fertilizer (18-0-1) with sea kelp and humic acid bio-stimulant. These will promote rapid root growth and plant development. It will also stimulate weed growth. Not to worry, these weeds will be sprayed out in early June as well as July and august. Please be aware applying weed killer to early will kill new grass as well as weeds

What if the weather is too hot?

Stress brought on by excessive summer heat is the NUMBER 1 cause of LAWN DEATH. Watering deeply and less frequently (30 min per zone 2-3 times weekly) will help. But, consecutive days and weeks of 90 degree plus days will take its toll. Always plan to augment spring seeding with fall overseeding. This type of seeding can be a do-it-yourself project where the seed is simply broadcast. Feel free to ask your technician his opinion or have us out to evaluate in late August.

Thank You and please call if you have any questions.


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