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Home Field Advantage

Opening day look courtesy of Natural Green Systems and Homefield Advantage

Turf Services

Deep Tine Aeration

  • ​Tines penetrate 6 to 8 inches down through soil profile
  • Improves drainage, reduces compaction, allow for air and water flow to root system

Core Aeration

  • To be done before overseeding or slice seeding; allow better seed to soil contact


  • Constant fertilizing will keep turf healthy

Slit Seeding/Sod Installation

  • Mainly for renovations, best method for seeding any kind of turf

Disease / Weed Control

  • Preventative fungicide treatments will have best results, Weeds can be a nuisance and cause poor playability

Field Services

Lip removal

  • Removing built up material out of the edges of the infield will help create a better playing surface

Baseline alignment and repair

  • Re aligning baselines to the foul line creates a distinct and level path

Mound and home plate repair

  • Rebuilding the mounds to the right height is essential to the game
  • ​Repairing the home plate will make a difference for the players

Infield Grooming

  • ​Adding infield mix and conditioners will help any infield surface​

Additional Services

  1. Bermuda Grass Conversions
  2. Field Maintenance
  3.  Field Renovations
  4. Warning Track Installations
  5. Laser Grading
  6. Drainage Solutions