Lawn Care & Pest Control Tips

L.S.L. Lawn Service vs. Natural Green: Comparing 2 Lawn Care Services in Southern Maryland

When you’re looking for a thicker, greener lawn so you can be the envy of your neighbors, there are quite a few lawn care companies in Southern Maryland you can choose from. Do a quick Google search, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

The 4 Most Common Signs of Termites in Maryland Homes

Termites may be one of the hardest things to detect whether they are lurking in your home or not.

They could be in your walls or foundation, and you might not even know it. They are pretty sneaky, and that’s just not a great feeling, particularly if you have a sense they are in your home.

3 Reasons Why Fall Weed Control is Crucial in Maryland

How do you know you neglected your fall weed control in Maryland?

Spring weeds will erupt with a vengeance, that’s how.

Sure, we’re all aware of weeds when they start emerging in March and April. But did you know that those weed seeds are already present and waiting just under the soil surface in the fall and winter.

Mosquito Joe vs. Natural Green: 2 Pest Control Services in Central & Southern Maryland

Bugs! Who likes them in their home? Not many people.

Whether it’s ants crawling around the kitchen counters, spiders setting up webs in your corners, cockroaches scurrying across your bathroom floor, or mice moving into your garage, you didn’t invite them in … and you definitely don’t want them to stay.

All you really want to do is get these pests out of your home once and for all.

Why Fertilizing Your Maryland Lawn in Late Fall is so Important

The summer is over, and the warm weather is dying down as fall surges into full glory. Before you know it, winter will be here.

As the growing season comes to a close, people tend to look at their lawn and think everything is fine. There is no more drought stress. Most water issues disappear. You have almost forgotten any struggles with weeds or bare spots your lawn faced throughout the year.

B.O.G Pest Control vs. Natural Green: 2 Pest Control Options in Central MD

Bugs are never a welcome addition to your home. Whether you’re seeing ants or spiders or even those bigger, nastier pests like cockroaches or even mice, it can feel like once one gets in, a whole family of bugs just takes over.

Should I Be Worried if My Neighbor Has Carpenter Ants?

It’s a nice day. You’re cleaning up your house and as you're washing your hands at the bathroom sink, you notice something moving on the floor. Could’ve just been a trick of the light or maybe just a speck of dirt.

Fall Lawn Care Checklist: 6 Essential Fall Lawn Care Tasks in Maryland

Your lawn goes through a lot during the year.

It bursts into life in spring with lots of great growth. Then, with adequate care, it survives summer’s heat and drought.

Fall Lawn Seeding vs. Spring: What’s Best For Your Maryland Lawn

The way your yard looks helps you feel like you’re contributing to a positive, thriving, beautiful community. You certainly don’t want to be the sole house on the block with brown grass that’s full of weeds and generally looks unkempt and unloved.

As fall approaches though, you may not be thinking about your yard as much as you usually do. But taking important steps now can ensure your lawn looks like the best one on your street come springtime.

Flea and Tick Control in Mechanicsville Maryland: A Pest Control Case Study

Fleas and ticks are some of the nastiest pests we have to deal with in our yards.

First of all, ticks are hosts of quite a few scary diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, and tularemia. Other parasitic organisms like tapeworms can even pass from fleas and ticks to humans.