Lawn Care & Pest Control Tips

Dallisgrass vs. Crabgrass: Which Weed is In Your Lawn?

When you want to have a perfect lawn, weeds are your biggest enemy.

They can be tall and leggy and stand above your regular grass, almost mocking it. And they always ruin the look of your well-manicured lawn, taking away from the overall pretty, enjoyable landscape you desire.

Why You Should Get Your Lawn Soil Tested in Maryland

You want a green lawn, and that’s no crime.

But you may not have thought about the fact that you have to actually look beneath your lawn to have a great expanse of green, thick grass.

How to Get Rid of Wild Violet Weeds in Your Maryland Lawn

If you have wild violets in your Maryland lawn, you’re likely getting more and more frustrated each year as you notice them slowly taking over.

Why Does Your Grass Have White Spots? Is it Powdery Mildew?

It can happen suddenly one day in spring.

You’re walking outside to enjoy the warm weather, and instead of the green, rich, thick grass you’re used to sinking your toes into, you find a few silvery, white patches. It almost looks like someone took talc or baby powder and sprinkled it on your lawn.

How To Get Rid of Nutsedge in Your Maryland Lawn

When it comes to your lawn, there are some things you prefer to see and others you don’t.

You like a nice thick stand of green grass that is even in tone and consistent in texture.

Do You Have Pet Friendly Pest Control Services? How to Know

We know your pet is your best friend. Fido the dog might be the only one who listens to you after a long day. Or maybe Frisky the cat is always there to warm your lap, snuggling and purring to show you love.

8 FAQs About Lawn Care Services in Maryland

We know that as you take care of your lawn, you begin to ask yourself some questions about why it needs nutrients, what soil conditions are optimum for its growth, why weeds crop up when they do, and how to best care for your lawn.

How to Identify and Treat Dollar Spot Disease in Your Maryland Lawn

Green. Dark, rich, emerald green. That’s the color you want.

We get it. That’s the expectation for a healthy lawn.

But beige or tan spots that don’t go away or just keep getting bigger and bigger are not what you crave. These spots you’re seeing that are ruining your perfect lawn may be caused by a fungal disease called dollar spot.

What Do Lawn Care Companies Use to Kill Weeds in Maryland?

Not much beats a great-looking lawn on your Maryland property. You might be wondering when you pass an amazing-looking lawn what kind of work it takes to achieve all that green glory without a weed in sight.

How To Pest Proof Your New House Before Moving In

There is a lot to consider when you buy and then move into a new home.

You might want to change the paint color. And maybe the carpeting in the family room could use a thorough cleaning. You probably also want to take down some curtains that don’t match your decor. The list continues to grow and grow.