VIDEO: The Benefits of Professional Mosquito Control Services in Maryland

Summer days are long, and naturally you want to be outside enjoying them.

Whether you’re grilling dinner out back on your patio, lounging by your fire pit, or playing fetch with your dog, you are just looking to enjoy a little downtime. Nothing wrong with that.

But the party is over the second “they” show up. Your unwanted guests. The ones that leave you running quickly indoors, unable to enjoy your yard. That’s right. We’re talking about mosquitoes -- those nasty blood suckers that bring high-pitched buzzing past your ears in the evening right before they strike, leaving you with itchy welts.

You’ve tried citronella and bug spray, but nothing seems to be working. Maybe it’s time to bring in the pros.

Let’s review the benefits of professional mosquito control services in Maryland so you can better understand how they might be able to help you.

4 Reasons to Hire a Mosquito Control Company

Not many of you celebrate when mosquitoes show up to your barbecue. The party just becomes less fun when you’re constantly swatting at bugs and itching your skin.

While mosquito repellent is great when you’re going somewhere away from your home, constantly putting on the spray when you’re at home can get annoying.

Professional mosquito control can be a better option for your backyard.

Here’s what mosquito control services can do for you.Pest control technician spraying mosquito control

1. Reduce Your Chances of Getting Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

Cases of reported mosquito-borne illnesses continue to increase each year in the U.S.

Mosquitoes spread diseases like Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria, according to the Centers for Disease Control. West Nile virus is the most common one they spread in the U.S. They are also known to transmit heartworms to cats and dogs.

One of the benefits of professional mosquito control services is reducing the chances of you or one of your family members catching one of these diseases from a mosquito.

2. They Continue Breeding When You Don’t Control Them

A female mosquito can lay up to 400 eggs at one time in standing water. Those eggs can hatch into larvae in three days. Twelve days later, you have adult mosquitoes buzzing around for their 14 day lifespan. The cycle continues.

mosquito Destroying their breeding areas and potential take over of your backyard with regular professional mosquito control monthly during their active season can keep these growing populations down and reduce your chances of getting bit.

3. Professional Mosquito Control Products Offer Better Control

There are three main mosquito breeds to control in your Central or Southern Maryland backyard: Asian Tiger Mosquito, Common House, and Yellow Fever Mosquito.

To tackle these mosquitoes, Natural Green Systems Lawn & Pest Control recommends professional mosquito control treatments every 30 days from April through October. That fall application is particularly important for controlling the breeding population for the next spring.
Pest control technician spraying mosquito control in woody areaWe use a backpack mister specially designed to target the undersides of trees and shrubs, decks, and other mosquito harborages with a fine mist of professional grade products. Using this approach and our expert knowledge of where mosquitoes hang out means we can control future eggs and their growing mosquito families.

The products you’d have to buy for the same results would cost more and take you more time to learn how to use. Professional mosquito control is more cost-effective and saves you more time. And you can feel safe knowing that the products are applied properly in the right places and in the correct amount.

4. More Quality Outdoor Time

Probably the biggest benefit of professional mosquito control is the fact that when there are fewer mosquitoes in your yard, you can enjoy it again.

No one wants to be chased away from their own landscape. What fun is having a grill you can’t use? Or a great deck or patio that is riddled with mosquitoes?

One of the key reasons to hire a mosquito control company in Central or Southern Maryland is so you can get out there and have fun in your backyard again.Kids enjoying their mosquito free yard

Reduce Your Stress with Professional Mosquito Control

Stop giving up your outdoor time or cutting it short because you know mosquitoes will strike.

Mosquitoes are done having their fun. It’s your turn.

You don’t need to stress anymore once you have professional mosquito control. Give Natural Green Systems a call and we’ll bring our proven mosquito control experience and solutions to save you time, money, and worries.

Take back your yard from mosquitoes and eliminate the stress of their onslaught for good so you can enjoy your summer evenings again. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll prepare a customized plan to get rid of mosquitoes for you and your Central or Southern Maryland landscape.

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