Can Pest Control Get Rid of Spiders? What to Expect

In the movies, spiders are certainly creepy. They lurk and hide. You walk through their webs and they feel sticky. You can’t help but think you have something crawling on you the rest of the day.
If you’ve ever seen “Arachnophobia” or the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, you know spiders have a notorious reputation.

Now, while there are certainly scary spiders in the movies, spiders in your landscape are kind of just a menace. No, really. Minus the poisonous ones like the brown recluse, spiders just kind of leave webs all over, but other than that they ignore you.

But that doesn’t mean you have to like having them around.

In fact, if you notice a ton of spiders in and around your home, it might be a sign you are drawing them in with other pests – a spider’s food source. And maybe you’re using all kinds of DIY products from the home improvement store shelves and nothing is helping.

Let’s talk about spider challenges in Maryland, as well as professional pest control for spiders, so you have some options for battling arachnids.

How Do Pest Control Companies Get Rid of Spiders?

You probably don’t want to take rent from home-invading spiders. We completely understand.

You may have tried some random products from your local hardware store, but you’re still finding webs.

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That can certainly be frustrating.

So it’s time to evict spiders for good.

But first let’s look at what we’re dealing with in Central and Southern Maryland.

Black widow spider Black widow and brown recluse are two of the worst species in our area because they are venomous. You can find them outside, but only the black widow is native here. And you can tell it apart from the rest with its black body and red hourglass mark. Brown recluses aren’t as common, thank goodness.

Wolf Spider 2 A big, scary-looking spider you might find in Maryland is the wolf spider. It’s furry and brown and pretty creepy looking. Luckily, their bites are very mildly venomous – only causing some itching. These folks are usually outdoors, but they are known to come inside when temperatures start to drop.

Cobweb Spider Three others you’ll find in Central and Southern Maryland include yellow house spiders, cobweb spiders, and jumping spiders. Yellow house spiders with quarter-inch length, yellow-green bodies are fast crawlers. Cobweb spiders are pretty small; they build webs to catch insects. Jumping spiders are hairy and black – you’ll find them on ceilings and moving in short, fast jumps. All of these spiders like to move indoors when it becomes cooler outside.

But do exterminators get rid of spiders? Unless the spider bodies touch the ground and are in contact with an insecticide, then they normally aren't impacted by a pesticide – this includes the DIY products you’re using from the home improvement store. Their eight legs do them a service by keeping their bodies off the ground. Let’s learn what does get rid of spiders and how a pest control pro can help.

Step #1: Knock Down Cobwebs

Most of the time, spiders actually like to be where they won’t be bothered.

This includes corners, crevices, and ceilings where they’ll create web homes. They will do this outside near your entrance and inside as well.

Pest control technician knocks down spider webSo the best pest control for spiders tip is to knock down spider webs. You can do this with a duster, broom, or vacuum attachment.

It’s just a natural way to move them out. Spiders without a home will go find somewhere else to reside.

Step #2: Use Exclusion Methods

Sealing doorways and windows ensures these eight-legged creepy-crawlies stay out.

Fill in any holes or gaps around seals and any other entry points into your home with caulk to deter spiders from coming inside in the first place.

Step #3: Keep Clutter Down to Keep Spiders Away

Spiders like to hide.

And if you have piles of dusty clutter and boxes and nooks and crannies for hiding, then they’ll create nests and enjoy their time in your home quite extensively.

If your pest control for spiders includes clearing the clutter by vacuuming regularly, including around window sills and floorboards and under and behind furniture, then you’ll eliminate their favorite types of places.

Step #4: Get Rid of Spider Food

So, just like you and me, spiders need to eat and drink.

If you’re noticing a ton of spiders in your home, it’s usually a sign you are providing them with a food source. This means you have other insects, such as moths, flies, and beetles.

Pest control technician sprays exterior of home for pests Can pest control get rid of spiders? In this way, yes. A pest control professional can reduce the number of other insects in your home with quarterly perimeter pest control treatments.This reduces the spider’s food source, and therefore spiders go somewhere else to eat.

Once spiders and other bugs are out, keeping up with exterior pest control each quarter continues that barrier to keep those pests outdoors, and you comfortable indoors.

Spiders Invading Your Home in Central or Southern Maryland? Call Natural Green

While spiders eat other bugs, and this is one of their perks, that doesn't mean you want them residing in your home causing all kinds of mayhem and not paying rent.

If you’re concerned about the number of webs and spiders you’re seeing in and around your home, and you’ve tried some DIY strategies and they aren’t working, give Natural Green Systems a call.

How do pest control companies get rid of spiders? We have experienced technicians that know exactly where to look and how to clear spiders with some key tactics. This is the fastest way to get the job done without increasing your spider populations. This is the quickest way to get you to a pest-free home.

We want you to be able to enjoy your home -- arachnid-free. Give us a call and we’ll bring our proven pest control experience and create a custom plan for your Central and Southern Maryland home. Get started today with a free quote.

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