Do You Have Pet Friendly Pest Control Services? How to Know

We know your pet is your best friend. Fido the dog might be the only one who listens to you after a long day. Or maybe Frisky the cat is always there to warm your lap, snuggling and purring to show you love.

They certainly become members of your family. And, naturally, you don’t ever want to hurt them.

In fact, in your quest to get rid of ants or rodents or even cockroaches from your Maryland home, you might be wondering as Rover runs up to you with his leash or you watch Tiger sleep peacefully in a tight little ball whether you can find pet-safe pest control services.

We have good news for you: This is certainly possible.

Let’s review some options so you can be more informed as you hire someone to treat your pest problem.

What Elements Equal Pet Safe Pest Control Services

As you go about hiring a pest control expert to get rid of bugs in your home, seeking pet-friendly pest control options is a good idea if you have dogs, cats, or other pets present in your home.

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Here are some tips to ensure you can eliminate your pests while protecting your pets.

Tell Your Service Provider About Your Pets

First thing’s first, during your consultation call with potential pest control providers, you should tell them you have pets so they can customize their treatment process for you.

dog lays in green grassYou should also ask them what they do when pets are present in homes when they are treating for bugs to get a sense for how they operate. Any professional company with experience will be able to share their solutions with you and explain how they keep your pet in mind during the process.

Safeguarding Your Pets During Pest Control Treatment

Next, when the day of your pest control treatment is approaching, for pet-friendly pest control make sure to ask them how to safeguard your pet prior to their arrival.

pest control technician meets and shakes hands with clientsKeeping them away from areas being treated is a good practice. This keeps them secure and lets your pest control professional focus on his or her job.

Professional Pest Control Products

Today, the products used to control pets are more modern chemistries. They target the specific bug they are fighting, meaning they often have little or no reaction with animals and humans.

pest control technician sprays exterior of homeThe mode of action of these state-of-the-art products doesn’t affect humans or animals, meaning they are safer pet-friendly pest control options due to their low toxicity.

Professional Application Methods

In addition to modern, advanced products, what makes the professional option the most pet-safe pest control service is the method of application used.

pest control technician holds out small nozzleProfessionals use fine-tipped nozzles that pinpoint applications to cracks and crevices in your home. This ensures little to no contact with your cat or dog.

The product dries quickly, and then your pets can carry about their normal business.

Pest Control Technician Experience Matters, Too

Pest control technicians with the knowledge and licensing to properly identify and treat bug problems in your home will have the skills necessary to do this with minimal invasion in your home.

pest control expert sprays around door and window This means they are taking into account pet safe pest control services and using high-end products designed to minimize risk.

For instance, professional companies with this background will use rodent bait stations that are tamper-proof and resistant to animal chewing in case your pet were to decide one looked like a toy.

Keep Bugs Out of Your Home While Keeping Your Pets Safe in Central and Southern Maryland

No one wants bugs to invade their home and take over, making the place uncomfortable for you and your family members, including your four-legged friends.

And keeping everyone safe is important during the treatment process.

Dog-friendly pest control is possible if you find the right company with experienced technicians who use high-end, modern chemistry and targeted application techniques to eliminate worries.

Natural Green would love to be your choice for pet-friendly pest control in Central and Southern Maryland. We have pets, too, and we know how much they mean to you. Let us help you get a pest-free space that also takes into account your pet’s health.

Looking for pest control solutions in Central and Southern Maryland? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can just relax in your new home without seeing a bug in sight.

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