Environmental Benefits of Using Leafgro in Lawn Care

Lawn care can be a time-consuming process that involves a lot of hard work, but the payoff - a lush, green lawn that’s able to thrive through the seasons - is worth it. An easy way to ensure that your lawn stays green and healthy is to use special fertilizers and additives, but some gardeners worry about the environmental effects of these products on the world around them. We have a solution to put those worries to bed: Leafgro. 


What is Leafgro? 

Leafgro is a 100 percent organic compost product that’s designed to improve the quality of your soil. It’s made of composted leaves and grass clippings. These remnants are normally destined for the landfill, but every fall Maryland Environmental Service collects discarded leaves and takes them to composting facilities. Throughout fall and winter, the leaves are composted. They’re turned and shredded regularly to accelerate the process, and in the spring grass clippings are added into the mix. After composting is finished, the mixture is dried, screened, and sold. 

What does Leafgro Do for Your Lawn? 

Leafgro is an excellent way to fertilize and enrich the soil in your garden to keep your plants and lawn healthy and thriving throughout the year. It enhances the nutrients in the soil, improves the soil’s structure and drought tolerance, loosens heavy soil, and encourages deeper rooting of your grass and plants. All in all, it’s a beneficial way to vastly improve the quality of your soil and in turn, the quality of everything growing in it. 

Further, it saves you time and money. Creating your own compost takes time and effort, and store-bought fertilizers can be pricey. Leafgro is naturally sourced from local areas to keep your soil native and balanced. 

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What Environmental Benefits Does Leafgro Offer? 

Leafgro isn’t just great for your soil - it’s also great for the environment in general. If you’re eco-conscious and concerned about how your actions (especially those in your yard and garden) affect the world around you, Leafgro is a great product to consider. Here are the environmental benefits it brings to the table: 

  • When organic matter (like leaves and grass) is thrown into landfills, it creates methane grass. Methane gas is a greenhouse gas (a gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and is detrimental to our planet). Composting these materials greatly reduces methane gas emissions. 
  • Using a natural solution like Leafgro reduces (and sometimes eliminates)  the need for chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers can alter the native state of the soil, leach into water, and are generally unsafe to use on food-producing gardens. 
  • Using compost materials like Leafgro on your lawn and in your garden promotes sustainability, or our society’s ability to exist and develop without depleting natural resources. Leafgro is organic matter that’s put to beneficial use instead of sitting in a landfill. 
  • Compost like Leafgro also promotes soil health. Healthier soil leads to healthier habitats and a healthier overall environment. 

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