Fall Lawn Aeration in Maryland: Why it’s so Important for a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn goes through quite a lot through the year.

It begins with a burst of growth in spring after surviving a cold winter. Then as temperatures heat up it has to make it through the sticky, hot, dry summer.

By fall, your lawn is ready for a break. And it might show signs of wear. Maybe it looks tired or thin or a bit splotchy.

Never fear! Fall is the perfect time to set things right and give your lawn the boost it needs to replenish itself for winter and recover before that next big growing season.

Watch the video to learn more about aeration.

One practice that’s essential for keeping your Central or Southern Maryland lawn happy is lawn aeration.

Let’s take a look at signs that can tell you whether you need to aerate your lawn and why fall is an ideal time for the service.

Is Lawn Aeration Necessary?

To achieve and maintain one of those amazing lawns your neighbors envy, you need to take care of it. This means regular mowing to a decent height of 3 to 4 inches, consistent and proper fertilization, persistent weed control, correct watering, and scouting for pesky insects and diseases.

But for Maryland lawns, one other important annual service is aeration and overseeding.

lawn aeration plugs

When you aerate your lawn, you’re essentially removing small soil plugs or cores. Taking out some of this dead organic matter makes room for new growth and the infusion of critical nutrients your lawn needs, including air, water, and fertilizer.

There are 4 reasons lawn aeration improves your yard’s appearance.

1. Reduces Soil Compaction

The removal of plugs in the process of lawn aeration does quite a lot for your lawn.

Think about it. Your grass gets walked on all day long -- whether it’s your dog playing fetch, your kids playing soccer, or just you mowing and gardening on its surface.

Over time, soil naturally becomes compacted. In fact, research shows that more than two-thirds of U.S. lawns are growing on compacted soils.

lawn aeration for healthy lawn

This compaction results in off-color grass blades; grass that can’t stand up to high temperatures; and grass that doesn’t stand a fighting chance against weed, insect, or disease infestation. All this adds up to more dead spots and a thinner lawn.

2. Replenishes Nutrients in the Soil

You know what fresh, loose topsoil looks and feels like vs. soil that is dry and hard as a rock.

lawn aeration to promote lawn growth

Roots have a much easier time growing in good soil.

The plugs removed during lawn aeration take a couple of weeks to break down and decompose. This process helps return good nutrients and topdressing back to your soil with subsequent mowings, giving it a better environment in which roots can grow.

3. Breaks Up Thatch

In addition to compaction, grass stems, roots, clippings, and debris settle on the ground and accumulate into something known as thatch.

lawn aeration to remove thatch

Thatch accumulates over time the grass line. While it’s usually out of sight, thatch can impact the amount of water, air, and nutrients that can get to your grass roots.

Lawn aeration breaks up this thatch and helps ease the flow of nutrients back to your lawn.

4. Provides a Great Environment for Seed Germination

Fall lawn aeration in Maryland also is a great service to do before fall overseeding.

fall lawn overseeding and aeration

Why? Lawn seeds require soil contact to germinate. When you aerate, you create the perfect holes for seeds to settle in. This increases the likelihood of germination, resulting in greater success when thickening your lawn.

This practice encourages root growth, resulting in a stronger strand of grass.

Yes, Fall is the Perfect Time to Aerate Your Lawn

Maryland lawns can go through quite a lot of stress throughout the year, and aeration is one of those practices that encourages a thicker, greener lawn.

Anytime you have a happier lawn, you also have one that can stand against weeds, diseases, and insects, as well as handle drought stress.

fall lawn aeration

If your lawn is looking like it needs a little pick-me-up, lawn aeration may be all it needs.

Wondering if your lawn needs an aeration boost? Natural Green can help. We’d be happy to come take a look at your lawn and give you an assessment of what it needs to look its best.

All you want is a green, happy lawn, and Natural Green knows what it takes to get there. Get started today with a free quote for your Central or Southern Maryland lawn. Together, we’ll customize a plan that makes your lawn the best on the block.
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