5 FAQs About Backyard Mosquito Control Spray

Nothing ruins a backyard barbecue more than mosquitoes. They put a damper on your whole outdoor time – whether you’re having a pool party, barbecuing with friends, or even just enjoying some quiet time with a lemonade and a book.

The second they appear, you can only handle them for so long before you’re spraying repellent, swatting at these tiny pests, and shouting into the evening air.

In addition to being a nuisance, they also carry deadly diseases, which makes them all the more scary to have in abundance ready to bite the second you step outside.

While you’ll do almost anything to get rid of these incessant bugs, you might also be asking yourself a lot of questions about mosquito control.

Let’s talk about the methods for killing mosquitoes in your yard, answering your most pressing questions, to help you make the best decision.

5 Questions About Mosquito Control

When the weather warms up just enough for mosquitoes to emerge, that’s not one of your most exciting spring days in Central and Southern Maryland.

In fact, just when you’re getting excited about sunshine and longer, hotter days, they seem to appear, crashing your good mood.

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While dousing yourself with repellent is one way to try and keep these bugs away, it’s not always pleasant and can become frustrating. Choosing to receive professional mosquito control treatments can help bring your pest population way down.

Here are the most common questions we receive about mosquito control to help you better understand how this service works.

1. Which Mosquitoes Do We Deal With in Maryland?

This is certainly an FAQs about backyard mosquito control spray.

There are three main mosquito breeds you will likely see in your Maryland backyard.

mosquitoThe main ones include Asian Tiger, Common House, and Yellow Fever mosquitoes. All three can cause you trouble in your landscape, spreading diseases like West Nile, Zika, dengue, and malaria.

Any female mosquito can lay nearly 400 eggs at once, and in 12 days you have new adults buzzing about. They only live for about 14 days, but they can cause quite a bit of trouble in that short time, especially in great numbers.

2. How Are Mosquito Control Treatments Applied?

Mosquitoes love damp, shady spots, and they need water to breed and continue on with their pesky lives.

pest control technician sprays for mosquitoesLawn and pest companies like Natural Green Systems use backpack misters specifically designed to target the undersides of trees and shrubs, near plant patios, under decks, and near other mosquito harborages with a fine mist of professional grade products. The use of these commercial misters allows for very targeted applications and therefore better control with less product.

Expert knowledge about mosquitoes, as well as this treated approach, ensures future mosquito eggs and adults are optimally controlled.

3. How Often Do I Need Mosquito Control Treatments?

To battle mosquitoes, companies like Natural Green Systems Lawn & Pest Control suggest treatments every 30 days from April through October.

This is important because the products tend to lose effectiveness after 30 days, so keeping this barrier can help keep mosquitoes away.

mosquito control technician sprays perimeter of propertyAlso, many people tend to neglect the fall mosquito control treatments because they are spending less time outdoors and stop thinking about these pests. But the fall application is incredibly important for controlling the mosquito breeding population for the next spring.

4. How Do Professional Mosquito Control Products Compare to DIY Products?

The mosquito control treatments you’d buy at your local hardware store usually end up costing you more time and money for the same results that a commercial-grade, professional product can provide.

pest control technician sprays landscape bed with mosquito sprayAlso, professional applicators target products to precise locations to ensure control – not wasting time or product to get the results you’re seeking.

5. How Much Do Mosquito Control Treatments Cost?

Mosquito control treatments can range in cost based on the size of your yard.

pest control technician sprays landscape beds for mosquitoesMost Central and Southern Maryland residential properties are between 5,000 and 15,000 square feet. Mosquito control for properties between these sizes typically range between $75 and $110 per application. And most professionals recommend a minimum of four to six treatments during the mosquito season.

Make the Best Mosquito Control Choice For You

You shouldn't have to cut your outside time short because mosquitoes are swarming.

We hope answering these common questions about mosquito control help you consider your options for battling these pests.

And if you’re still confused and asking yourself what you should do about the mosquito invasion in your backyard, let Natural Green help. We can bring our proven mosquito control experience and solutions, answering all of your questions and addressing your concerns, to give you peace of mind and, most importantly, get rid of your mosquitoes.

Take back your yard from mosquitoes and eliminate the stress they cause for good so you can enjoy your evenings again. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll prepare a customized plan to get rid of mosquitoes for you and your Central or Southern Maryland landscape.

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