How to Choose the Best Lawn Care Company For Your Maryland Home

Once the weather warms up in Maryland, it’s time to get outside. It’s a welcome, refreshing moment to take in some sweet spring air and walk around your landscape, checking out what winter left in its wake.

And that’s when you start to make some assessments. You see a patch of rough looking lawn in one spot, and -- gasp! -- is that a weed?

Yep, before you can even begin to enjoy the fresh air and warmer temperatures, other things that also enjoy the sun, heat, and longer days -- namely weeds -- are sneaking in without warning.

Use This Tool to Compare Your Local Lawn Care Companies

And you might feel not only surprised, but completely overwhelmed. What do you do and when? Is it too late?
Lawn weeds popping up in springIt might be time to bring in some help so you can get back to your growing list of things to do. But choosing a lawn care company you can trust can also be stressful. Unfortunately, it’s common for many businesses to promise things they can’t deliver. You want to make the right decision so you and your lawn don’t suffer.

Before you sign on the dotted line, here are a few things to consider when reviewing lawn care company services.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Care Company

When you receive a list of services and treatment plans for your lawn from different companies, you want to make sure you review them thoroughly. Each business’ plan should match your expectations.

That’s why it’s important to focus on these specific elements when hiring a lawn care company to ensure you’re getting the best service possible.

1. Look Beyond Service Fees

While it would be easiest to compare apples-to-apples services, you may start to notice there are some that feel more like apples-to-oranges. This can be quite frustrating.

You’ll see the service fees, but what you’ll need to do to make your comparisons line up is look beyond price at what exactly is included. For instance, in addition to fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the growing season, is preventive crabgrass control and lawn insect and disease monitoring a part of the package?
Lawn care technician spraying weed controlLarger lawn care companies may come in offering cheaper rates, but their execution may match those rates by including fewer services or being less of a partner in your lawn care and more of a quality- and transaction-based organization. Someone who is trying to check your home off of their list as fast as possible is not a true partner in bettering your lawn.

Also, check and see if your lawn care service provider offers other things of interest to you, such as mosquito control, aeration and overseeding, grub control, and pest control. This way, you don't have to waste time contacting another company if and when you might have additional problems to tackle.

Also, when choosing a lawn care company, you shouldn’t receive quotes from professionals who have not seen your lawn. How could they know what you have without seeing it or discuss your concerns without you being able to show them?

2. Responsiveness is Important

When it comes to your beloved lawn, you want to make sure you are hiring a lawn care company that is responsive when it comes to customer service.

What does this mean? You don’t want a company to just treat you like a number, roll on in without warning, treat your lawn, and run away without explanation or barely a notice … and all you have left is a bill.
Lawn care technician talking with customer about lawn weedsYou want a lawn care company in Maryland that is available to answer your questions and quickly respond to concerns. You want a company that invests time in you and your lawn.

3. Personalized Service Can Make a Difference

Every lawn care company will offer service visits that include fertilization and weed control.

But the bigger question is: Will my company be able to treat special conditions or issues that arise in my lawn?

When choosing a lawn care company, you want someone to treat your property like it is: unique. While some Maryland lawns will have some similarities, your lawn is still special because it may have different sun exposure, soil conditions, and challenges.

Therefore, your lawn care professional should be able to conduct a free soil test to get an accurate picture of what is happening with your lawn. Then they can outline a plan for improvement. Think of it like going to the doctor and not getting a blood test to find out if you have a deficiency. The soil is the base and core of good growing roots and grass. Looking at the soil can explain a lot about why a lawn is underperforming.

4. Company Reputation & Reviews

When you’re hiring a lawn care company for your Maryland home, you want to make sure you also can get recommendations on the company’s performance and reliability.

The company you’re considering should be able to provide you with access to their reviews so you can get a sense of how they work and feel a peace of mind when choosing them to keep your lawn thick, green, and healthy. A nice lawn can boost the value of your home; this is not the time to make a hasty decision on an unproven company.

Hire the Best Lawn Care Company For You

When you are choosing a lawn care company, you’ll want to take the time to make a decision you feel good about. After all, your relationship will be on-going. You want to feel comfortable with the professional you hire so you can ask him or her questions anytime, limit your worries, and maintain trust in their service.
Lawn car inspection with the customerWeeds are bad enough; you don't need the extra hassle of hiring a company that doesn’t come through for you -- or, worse, does a poor job and forces you to have to repeat this process all over again.

We know a lot of thought goes into hiring the right Maryland lawn care company, and we hope these tips help you make the best choice for you.

Get excited to go outside and enjoy your lawn. Request a free consultation, and we’ll bring our proven lawn care experience and create a custom plan for your Central and Southern Maryland yard.

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