How to Choose the Best Termite Contract For Your Maryland Home

Bugs can be quite sneaky little critters.

Some pests can sneak through cracks and vents and the teeniest of holes. Others leave the smallest signs of invasion, silently moving about, hoping you don’t pay any attention to their evil doings.

But termites may be the worst of them all. While other pests leave some evidence behind -- albeit small -- to their presence, termites often leave no visible tracks except to the trained eye. And, what’s worse, they can be present for quite a while, munching away at the precious wood of your home. And, all the while, you have no idea.

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Once you have an inspection and find out you do have termites, you want their incessant feeding and resulting damage in your home investment to stop, like now. But trusting a termite control service can be nerve-wracking. Unfortunately, it’s common for many businesses to promise things they can’t deliver. You want to make the right decision so you don’t suffer any further headaches.

Before you sign on the dotted line, here are a few things to consider when reviewing termite contract proposals. termites in house

How to Choose a Termite Agreement

When you get termite control service contract proposals, make sure to review them thoroughly. You want to make sure each company’s plan of attack matches your expectations.

While it would be easiest to compare apples-to-apples termite agreements, you may receive some contracts that seem like more of an apples-to-oranges comparison. This can be quite frustrating.

That’s why it’s important to focus on these 3 specific elements to ensure they aren’t missing in your agreement and that you’re getting the best termite service possible. Make sure you review these termite contract factors.

1. Termite Service Description, Products & Pricing

Each termite contract proposal should include a detailed description of the company’s treatment plan and insecticides they use.

The best termite controls are comprehensive perimeter treatments. What this means is that if the inspector finds termite presence or damage, they will conduct a treatment to eliminate the termites first, as well as putting in preventive measures to keep them away. One of the best ways to do that is through a trench-and-rod treatment that involves digging a shallow trench around the whole foundation and inserting termiticide every 1.5 to 2 feet along this trench, creating a complete barrier.

A break in a perimeter treatment means a break in termite protection. This includes driveways or patios. There are ways your termite control service can ensure there’s no break in the perimeter through hardscape areas like this. Typically this involves drilling a small ⅜-inch hole every 18 inches or so and applying product in those holes. This ensures the perimeter treatment is thorough. Applying termite control products in the hard surfaces of the perimeter is more difficult and time-consuming, but is absolutely necessary when it comes to having complete control. Many times, companies will try to avoid this extra work; but this does not equate to a complete barrier of protection.

Also, your termite control professional should be using top-rated termiticides. These products have longer residual -- multiple years -- versus just a quick annual blast. You want the product to be safe and effective, as well as protect your home from termites for years.

Finally, the contract will also outline service pricing. Termite treatments typically cost between $10 to $13 per linear feet of your home’s perimeter, including any structures like garages.

2. Termite Contract Guarantee

A termite contract will typically include a warranty or guarantee. Make sure to read the fine print to ensure when that guarantee expires and what it includes or involves.

Natural Green, serving Central and Southern Maryland, guarantees our termite treatment, as long as owners keep up a $125 annual inspection to ensure termites haven’t broken through the barrier.

Follow-up inspections are crucial with termite control because weather conditions and home improvements can change the way a treatment performs around your home. So these annual, professional eyeballs on your perimeter can ensure it’s intact and restrengthen areas that have lost their protection. Termites, like many pests, are creatures of habit. You don’t want them returning to your delicious home wood if they find a break in the treatment. Termite control inspection in Maryland home

3. Pest Control Company Reputation & Reviews

When you’re reviewing termite agreements for your Maryland home, you want to make sure you also can get recommendations on the company’s performance and reliability.

The company you’re considering should be able to provide you with access to their reviews so you can get a sense of how they work and feel a peace of mind when choosing them to eliminate your termite headaches. Termites can be extremely destructive pests. As such, they require an added level of expertise. This is not time to make a hasty decision on an unproven company.

Hire the Best Termite Company For You

When you choose a termite control service, you will want to do so carefully. After all, your relationship will be on-going. You want to feel comfortable with the professional you hire so you can ask him or her questions anytime, limit your worries, and maintain trust in their treatment protocol.

Termites are bad enough; you don't need the extra hassle of hiring a company that doesn’t come through for you -- or, worse, does a poor job and forces you to have to make much more costly home repairs later.

We know a lot goes into hiring the right Maryland termite company, and we hope these tips help you make the best decision for you.

Don’t let that sinking feeling of dread that termites are lingering in your home’s wood keep you up at night. Give us a call today for a free termite inspection, and we’ll bring our proven termite control experience and create a custom plan for your Central and Southern Maryland home.

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