How Do Pest Control Services Get Rid of Rodents?

Finding mice in your home is never a fun occurrence.

Maybe you’re cleaning up your basement, garage, or attic and find the remnants of a nest and that some of your things were chewed up and ruined. Or possibly you’re in the kitchen and find mouse droppings on the floor or in the pantry. 

Once you find out you have mice lurking about, all you want to do is make sure they are gone as fast as possible. 

So you call in a pest control professional. 

But you might be wondering how exterminators get rid of mice in Central and Southern Maryland. 

Let’s look at the specifics of pest control when it comes to battling mice and how it works to get them out of your home and keep them away.

Are There Rodents in My Home?

First off, let’s talk about what you might find that might lead you to ask, “How do pest control services get rid of rodents?”

Mice are typically light brown or gray with white bellies, ranging in size from 2.5 to 4 inches long. Their tails grow about as long as their bodies or longer and their ears are large and round. 

Mouse eating nutsMice are constantly on the hunt for food, water, shelter and protection. They want to find warmth and a nice place to raise their families, which can become quite large. A female mouse can have anywhere from five to 12 babies in one litter, and she can have between five and 10 litters a year. 

Mice are usually most active between dusk and dawn, usually moving along walls and avoiding open spaces. So while you may not see them, what you will notice are signs of their presence – namely mice droppings. Each mouse can drop up to 75 little black pellets a day. You may also notice holes in pantry bags or bird seed bags or debris left about – things like small pieces of twine or cotton ball pieces or paper scraps. 

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Their movement and lack of cleaning up after themselves can be quite a contamination problem if left to fester and build up in your Maryland home. They are also known to carry diseases and other pests like fleas, which are certainly additional things you don’t want tarnishing your peaceful home.

What Does Pest Control Do For Rodents?

Unfortunately, once mice or other rodents have found a happy home in your residence, they don’t go away on their own. 

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s talk about how exterminators get rid of mice in Central and Southern Maryland.

Repair or Seal Holes & Cracks

What does pest control do for rodents? First, it finds where they are getting in and shuts down their entryway. 

During an inspection of your home when we’re checking for mice infestations, Natural Green Systems pest control experts look for probable points of entry inside and outside. 

home inspection for pestsIf we find holes up to a few inches in diameter, we’ll seal them with caulking and copper mesh. Mice particularly dislike copper mesh, so it deters them from coming back into your home through any entryways we find.

Clean Up & Remove Rodent Nests

Cleaning up nests is another key item on the list of how exterminators get rid of mice and other rodents. 

When pest control professionals find nests, we remove them and clean up after them immediately. This is another important step when it comes to banishing mice from your home.

Properly Place Rodent Bait Stations

The next step in how pest control gets rid of mice is placing rodent bait stations or snap traps to catch these sneaky critters. 

We like to place snap traps in enclosed spaces, garage corners and behind appliances – anywhere we notice activity. We place traps at right angles to walls with bait nearest the wall. 

pest control install bait stationWith snap traps, when a mouse triggers the trap’s spring mechanism, a metal bar snaps, killing it, so you want to make sure these are placed properly, especially if you have pets. 

We place glue traps in similar locations to snap traps. With glue traps, mice that encounter the traps are immobilized by adhesive. They can’t move and eventually die. 

mouse bait stationWe can also use bait stations, but we must place them properly to ensure they are effective. Exterminators like Natural Green use bait stations that are pet- and tamper-proof so they are safer for use inside your home. We also precisely place them and check on them because we have to replace the bait regularly to ensure these traps are working.

Get Rid of Mice With Natural Green in Central and Southern Maryland

Tired of mice causing a mess in your house?

We understand. They are a complete nuisance. We hope the specifics we mentioned above help you understand how exterminators get rid of mice. 

In addition to a pest control professional’s work, you also want to make sure you are storing foods in hard plastic, metal, or glass containers with airtight lids and cleaning up your floors and countertops regularly to eliminate temptations for mice.

If you still see signs of rodents, Natural Green Systems can help. We can find your mouse issue, fight it with monthly visits for three months, and then stop by quarterly from there to make sure the mice are gone. 

Ready to stop the mouse madness in your Central and Southern Maryland home? Request a free quote today. We’ll review our options together so you can make the best choice for you. Then you can sit back and enjoy your home – mess and rodent free!

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