How Much Does Lawn Care Cost in Maryland? Tips for Comparing Prices & Programs

Your lawn is something everyone sees when they pass your Maryland home. So, unfortunately, you can’t hide it when it’s not looking well. 

And when you decide to bring in professionals to help you maintain your lawn and boost your curb appeal, you can’t help but compare prices. You want to know what you’re getting for your money and that you're receiving something of value.

The challenging part of comparing lawn care prices is that you want to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. It can be a temptation to choose the cheapest price, but that can cost you more later if the service and results aren’t up to par. Lawn care services and quality can vary greatly from company to company. 

Before you sign a service agreement, here are some tips on how much lawn care costs and how to compare lawn service prices in Maryland so you can get the most for your well-earned dollar.

Top 4 Factors that Impact Lawn Care Prices in Central and Southern Maryland

While you might think lawn care will cost the same from one company to another, there are actually a few factors that can impact lawn care costs.

Use This Tool to Compare Your Local Lawn Care Companies

We want to help you understand what you’re paying for with a look at some of the key elements that can influence the total price of your lawn care service.

1. Technician Experience & Training

The lawn care service professionals who perform the work on your property are the most essential part of getting and maintaining a healthy lawn. Labor is the largest expense of a service-based company. 

lawn care tech with customers in lawnTherefore, you want to know you are getting technicians who are worth those lawn care prices. Just like anything else, lower prices could mean less experienced technicians who are also paid at lower rates. 

Natural Green hires experienced technicians and helps them get their necessary licensing and certifications. We also train them in our best practices.  

Regular training is essential in keeping technicians up-to-date on best lawn care application practices. Everything from walking speed when using granular versus liquid products to the calibration of equipment can mean the difference between a lush, green lawn versus one covered in bare spots and weeds. For instance, Natural Green likes to review best practices with its employees throughout the year, in addition to weekly training and safety meetings, to keep its technicians abreast of the latest and greatest techniques. 

This experience and training level costs more but directly benefits you, the customer. Well-training and experienced technicians are much more likely to recognize a problem in your lawn and know how to take care of it. Your lawn care prices come with the benefits of better results.

2. Choices of Lawn Care Products 

Like other products you purchase, different quality levels exist. The types of lawn care products a company uses are directly reflected in lawn care pricing. If the company you hire uses a more effective, higher quality product, lawn care costs will be higher. 

lawn care service seeding lawnThe right products can have a big impact on lawn care service results. Higher quality products properly applied during various weather conditions at the right time of year and growth stages of the plants will produce the best results.

3. Number of Lawn Care Service Visits & What They Include

The total number of service visits also impacts how much lawn care costs. Each visit can be made up of one or more applications based on the time of year, what your lawn requires and what level of service you’ve signed up for. 

Make sure to ask your lawn care service provider how many visits and applications are included in your program. This will give you confidence that you’re well-informed of your decision and what your lawn care prices include. When you notice pricing that is much lower than other companies you’ve interviewed, this could be a sign that they aren’t offering the same number of visits and applications. Once you add the additional services to get up to the level of other companies, the lawn care costs could be more similar then they seemed.

Lawn care spraying for weeds

At Natural Green, we have found that the best lawn care programs include six to seven yearly property visits that include a variety of treatments based on your lawn’s specific needs. Some lawns need more help than others, so we like to provide a somewhat customized approach. 

This allows us to keep your lawn healthy with just the right amount of treatments, while also adapting with more aggressive options in case you require a program that provides more, such as lawn insect control or aeration. We also conduct free soil tests on our customers’ properties to ensure we provide exactly what your lawn needs--and nothing it doesn’t. 

4. Ongoing Investments in Your Customer Experience 

You want to hire a lawn care company you can trust. Anyone can buy cheap products, labor and equipment and then do the work, hoping all goes well. 

Running a business that is constantly evolving to better serve its customers takes investments in people, processes and technology. 

lawn care tech with customers in Maryland

For instance, quality control measures like GPS tracking help produce better service outcomes. Lawn care prices reflect this, and also mean better results and experience for customers in the long run. 

Making a Confident Lawn Care Service Choice

It’s easy to compare the lawn care pricing of one company’s program to another’s. 

Diving deeper to figure out exactly what goes into lawn care costs and how your lawn can benefit takes a bit more time. We understand that it can turn into quite the research project. Natural Green wants to help you make the most informed and best decision for you. We are happy to take the time to assist you in comparing programs and prices. 

Want to learn more about what it will cost to get an amazing lawn in Central and Southern Maryland? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can just sit back and enjoy your lawn.

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