How Much Does Pest Control Cost? Comparing Prices in Central and Southern MD

Your home is your haven. It’s a warm, inviting and cozy environment meant for dinner with family and laughing over games with the kids and curling up on the couch to watch a movie. 

Pests that sneak into your humble home and crawl without permission all over your once clean counters and polished floors ruin this ideal and pleasant picture. 

And when you consider bringing in professionals to help you keep those pests out of your Central and Southern Maryland home, you can’t help but compare pest control pricing. You want to know what you’re getting for your money and that you're receiving something of value. 

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The challenging part of comparing pest control pricing is that you want to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. It can be a temptation to choose the cheapest price, but that can cost you more later if the service and results aren’t up to par. Pest control service and quality can vary greatly from company to company. 

Before you sign a service agreement, here are some tips for comparing pest control costs in Central and Southern Maryland so you can get the most for your well-earned dollar.

Top 4 Factors that Impact Pest Control Pricing in Central and Southern Maryland

Pest control services typically start when you notice pests in your home--for instance, ants in your kitchen--or you don’t want to encounter pests in your home. A technician will come to your home and inspect the inside to target and address the initial problem. Then, he will apply a barrier treatment to your home. This treatment is effective for approximately three months, so to keep pests outside where they belong, the treatment will need to be applied approximately four times each year. That’s why you’ll see this service referred to as quarterly pest control services. 

pest control technician spraying front doorWhile you might think quarterly pest control will cost the same from one company to another, there are actually a few factors that can impact local pest control costs.

We want to help you understand what you’re paying for with a look at some of the key elements that can influence the total price of your quarterly pest control service.

1. Pest Control Technician Experience 

The quarterly pest control service professionals who perform the work on your property are the most essential part of keeping pests out of your home. Labor is the largest expense of a service-based company. 

Therefore, you want to know you are getting technicians who are worth those pest control prices. Just like anything else, lower prices could mean less experienced technicians who are also paid at lower rates. 

Natural Green only hires technicians with a minimum of three years of pest control experience. Pest control requires a knowledge of all of the pests that can get into your Central and Southern Maryland home, as well as how they maneuver in your home, what their regular patterns and entryways are and the best ways to control them. 

customer Pest control technician with customerExperience also means knowing how to monitor for pests and take care of areas susceptible to pest invasion. For instance, Natural Green will seal small cracks and crevices in caulking around windows, siding or the home foundation that are up to ¾ inch in size as part of its service to help keep pests out. This is in addition to its quarterly barrier and foundation sprays designed to ensure pests stay away. Other parts of this service, especially for those who have inside infestations and are just beginning the treatments, will also include interior inspections and treatments targeted at the specific pest problem. 

This overall experience may cost more but directly benefits you. Experienced technicians are much more likely to recognize a problem with pests in your home and know how to take care of it quickly. Your pest control costs come with the benefits of better results.

2. Choice of Pest Control Products 

Like other products you purchase, different quality levels exist. The types of pest control products a company uses are directly reflected in pest control pricing. If the company you hire uses more effective, higher quality products, pest control costs will be higher. 

The right products that are safest to use around people and pets in your home but also effective against pests can have a big impact on quarterly pest control service results. Higher quality, modern products will produce the best results.

3. Service Visits and Thoroughness 

While you might see immediate results after one application, pest control products don’t have a six-month effectiveness window. That’s why the total number of service visits a pest control company performs also impacts pest control prices. 

Perimeter pest control sprayA once a year or twice a year service won’t be as effective as quarterly visits. This is because even the best products just can’t be effective that long to keep pests away.

Also, you want professional eyes on your property at least three to four times a year to ensure they spend time regularly checking the places where pests are most likely to enter your home. They are trained to check areas or recognize clues pests leave behind. They have budgeted time to spend at your property and make sure your home is secure and the job is done right. This is the time to ask questions. If you suspect a pest problem, it never hurts to tell your technicians what you’re seeing--inside or outside--to ease your fears and prevent future pest problems.

4. Ongoing Investments in Your Customer Experience 

You want to hire a pest control company you can trust. Anyone can buy cheap products, labor and equipment and then do the work, hoping all goes well. 

Running a business that is constantly evolving to better serve its customers takes investments in people, processes and technology. 

pest control technician with customerFor instance, quality control measures and development of internal processes, people, and technology helps produce better service outcomes. Pest control costs will directly reflect this, but also can mean better results and experience for customers in the long run. 

Making a Confident Pest Control Choice

It’s easy to compare the pest control pricing of one company’s program to another’s. 

Diving deeper to figure out exactly how much pest control costs and how your home can benefit takes a bit more time. We understand that it can turn into quite the research project. In the meantime, your home is a moist and warm environment with free food and water -- a pest’s dream. Natural Green wants to help you make the quickest, most informed and best decision for you. We are happy to take the time to assist you in comparing pest control prices in Southern and Central Maryland.

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