How to Cancel Your Lawn Service & Find a Better Company

You want a great looking lawn all year long. One of those fabulous, green lawns that beam on as the best on the block. No weeds. Great, thick grass. It’s not too much to ask for, right?

It’s really not. In fact, if you’re using lawn care services in Central and Southern Maryland and are still unhappy with the way your lawn is looking, it might be time to reassess your agreement and determine whether this is the right partner to help you with your yard. 

You’re paying for these services, after all, and you want to get what you’re paying for. 

But the whole process of how to cancel your lawn service can feel daunting. How do you do this correctly? What if you prepaid for the year? And, what’s more, how can you choose a lawn care company that will do the job better? 

Let’s talk about how to go about this properly, so you can build a better service relationship and get a great lawn, too.

How to Know Whether It’s Time to Switch Lawn Care Companies

How do you know when it’s time to cancel your lawn service contract? 

You’ll notice a couple of signs. 

First, maybe the company over-promised and under-delivered on their services. For instance, it takes roughly one year for a company to truly assess their work and impact on your lawn. Your lawn is a living, growing entity, and changes will take some time. If they tell you your lawn will magically be transformed in two weeks, you’re going to be disappointed and think they aren’t doing their job when you don’t see a dramatic difference in two weeks. 

Next, you might not like the company’s lack of reliability. Maybe they say they are going to show up on a certain day and don’t. Lawn care is most effective when it’s done on a regular, consistent schedule. 

Lawn weeds 4Obviously, poor quality will also be something that makes you want to cancel your lawn service contract. If the company’s technicians aren’t fertilizing and applying weed control on a proper schedule based on your weeds and your lawn’s needs, you’re not going to get the results you want.

Finally, you want clear communication. You want to know what’s going on with your lawn. You want to be able to ask questions and receive answers. You don’t want someone who isn’t talking to you or sharing updates and setting clear goals.

How to Cancel Your Lawn Service

So, you’ve decided to cancel your lawn service contract. Now what do you do?

A lot of this answer depends on your agreement with your current company. 

customers meet with lawn care expertIf you’d agreed to service for a year and prepaid an amount that included a discount, many times, you don’t get your money back when you cancel. This is something you have to look at your original contract to confirm. 

If you haven’t prepaid but you are autopaying, you want to make sure you call and talk to someone at the company’s office who is authorized to accept your cancellation. You never want to tell your technician you’re canceling because they may not tell the office or may not be qualified to carry out your cancellation.

How to Choose a Lawn Care Company

Now that you’ve canceled your lawn service contract, it’s time to find a new lawn care company that will meet your needs and help your lawn thrive. 

Use This Tool to Compare Your Local Lawn Care Companies
Focus on these specific elements when it comes to seeking out reliable lawn care services in Central and Southern Maryland.

1. Look Beyond Service Fees

When you compare companies, you’ll see the service fees, but what you’ll need to do to make your comparisons line up is look beyond price at what exactly is included in each of their lawn care packages. For instance, in addition to fertilization and weed control treatments, is preventive crabgrass control and lawn insect and disease monitoring a part of the program? 

lawn care technicians prepare to fertilize grassSome lawn care businesses may come in with cheaper rates, but their services may be offered more individually, so when you add everything up, it’s actually more expensive. 

Check and see if the lawn care service provider offers other things of interest to you, such as mosquito control, aeration and overseeding, grub control, and pest control. This way, you don't have to find another company if and when you might need these services.

2. Responsiveness is Important

When it comes to your beloved lawn, you want to make sure you choose a lawn care company that is responsive when it comes to customer service. 

lawn care technicians inspect weedsIn essence, you don’t want a company to treat you like a number, come to your home without warning, treat your lawn, and leave quickly without explanation, leaving you scratching your head holding an invoice. 

You want a lawn care company that is available to answer your questions and quickly respond to concerns. You want a business that invests time in you and your lawn.

3. Look For Personalized Service

Every lawn care company will offer service visits that include fertilization and weed control. 

But when you choose a lawn care company, you want to know that they can also treat special conditions or issues that arise. 

soil test sample being placed into bagWhile some Central and Southern Maryland lawns will have some similarities, your lawn is still unique because it may have different sun exposure, soil conditions, and challenges. 

Therefore, your lawn care professional should be able to conduct a free soil test to get an accurate picture of what is happening with your lawn’s soil, revealing why it might be underperforming and what it needs to bounce back. This information can help them outline a plan for improvement.

4. Confirm Company Reviews

When you choose a lawn care company for your Maryland home, you want to make sure you can get recommendations on the company’s performance and reliability.  

lawn care expert meets with customers The company you hire should be able to share access to their reviews, so you can get a sense of how they work. Since a great lawn can boost your home’s value, this is not the time to make a hasty decision on an unproven company.

Hire the Best Lawn Care Services in Central and Southern Maryland

When you choose a lawn care company, you must take time to do your research and make a decision you feel confident about. 

Since your relationship will be long-lasting, you want to feel comfortable with the lawn care professional you hire so you can ask questions and enjoy your lawn stress-free.  

A nasty lawn is tough enough to deal with. You certainly don’t want to have to worry about working with a company that isn’t reliable. 
We know a lot of thought goes into hiring the right Central and Southern Maryland lawn care company, and we hope this advice helps you make the best choice for you. 
Get ready to go outside and enjoy your lawn. Give us a call today for a free consultation, and we’ll bring our proven lawn care experience and create a custom plan for your Central and Southern Maryland yard. 
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