How to Choose Local Lawn Aeration Services in Central & Southern Maryland

When the summer calls you outside in Maryland, you want to enjoy it.

Part of your summertime fun is having a lawn to toss a frisbee on and run across and just lay on if you need to. We understand. We want that, too.

Sometimes, toward the end of the summer, you’ll start to notice your lawn is looking thin, like it lacks the fight against all summer’s worse – everything from drought to weeds to tough conditions.

And your lawn just looks worn out, like it needs to be refreshed.

If you’re looking at a thin, tired lawn full of bare spots and lacking some pizzazz, you might be wondering what you can do. Maybe you even tried fertilization and weed control, and nothing is helping.

The good news is, we know exactly what the trouble is. Your lawn is compacted and can’t take in oxygen, water, or nutrients like it needs to. An annual aeration and overseeding treatment can be exactly what you need to give your lawn some breathing room and enable it to do its job again and thicken up, looking like that lawn you remember again.

But what you might not know is who does lawn aeration in Central and Southern Maryland?

Let’s look at lawn aeration and why it’s important, as well as suggest some tips on how you can choose the right company to take on the job at your home landscape.

A Review of Lawn Aeration and Overseeding Services

You might hear a lot about lawn aeration and not even understand what exactly it does for your lawn. We’re here to help you get a better sense of what this service can do for you.

close up of a core aeration machine With core aeration, your lawn care professional will use a special machine called an aerator to pull small soil plugs or cores from your lawn. Those cores are deposited on your lawn in the process so they can break down and add additional nutrients to your soil. This happens fairly quickly after some mowing and watering.

This service, while simple, does an incredible amount for your lawn. It breaks up those tight, compacted areas and gives your lawn a chance to breathe. Why is this so effective? Because your lawn’s roots need water, air, and nutrients to grow. When your lawn is compacted it can’t soak in any of these essentials. In fact, your fertilization could be nearly wasted if your lawn can’t absorb it. Local lawn aeration services can fix that.

aeration holes plugs and seed in grass Then overseeding after aeration, fills those plugs with seed to ensure bare spots and thin areas can be replenished, thickening your overall lawn. And post-aeration is the perfect time for this since it maximizes your seed-to-soil contact and increases your chance of new turf growth.

Choosing Lawn Aeration Services in Central and Southern Maryland

When you’re searching for local lawn aeration services, you want to make sure you choose a business that meets your expectations.

lawn care team operates lawn aeration machine That’s why focusing on these specific elements when hiring a professional for aeration and overseeding at your Central and Southern Maryland home is important.

Look For Personalized Service

Most lawn care companies offer fertilization and weed control.

But you want to work with a local lawn aeration services company that provides focused services for your lawn. You want someone to treat your property as important and unique. Your grass may receive different sun exposure and have different soil conditions than your neighbor’s.

lawn care technician inspects lawn with customers Your lawn care pro should be able to talk to you about aeration and what it can do for your lawn, answer any questions you have, as well as provide the service, explaining how it works and what they’ll do.

A Reputable Company

Lawn aeration is a specialized service. Anyone can come out and perform local lawn aeration services, but not everyone can do it right or get you the results you’re after.

lawn care team aerates lawn You want a company that has newer equipment – this includes ride-on aerators that use advanced hydraulic pressure and can evenly get through the hardest packed soil, ensuring aeration is consistent across your entire lawn. Sure, older equipment can do the job, but newer equipment will do a better job.

A true professional also won’t just pass over your lawn once. They will do a double-pass aeration and then seed over that three to four times to ensure a solid seed bed.

Company Reputation & Reviews

When you’re hiring a local lawn aeration services company for your Maryland home, you want to make sure you also can obtain reviews on the company’s performance and reliability.

customer sits on healthy green grass with child The company you’re considering should be able to provide you with access to their recommendations so you can get a sense of how they work and feel a peace of mind when choosing them to aerate and overseed your lawn.

Hire the Best Lawn Aeration Services in Central and Southern Maryland

If you look at your lawn, and you think it looks a bit worn out, your decision to look into aeration and overseeding services is a valid one.

Finding the right partner who can look at your lawn and let you know what’s going on, explain the aeration process and benefits, and be up front about the lawn aeration service cost is the company you want to work with.

If you’re looking for aeration and overseeding business and want to better understand what it can do for your lawn, give Natural Green Systems a call. We can get your lawn back in shape so you can enjoy it again and be proud of how it looks.

Want to return your lawn back to its green, happy self? Natural Green is up for the challenge. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll customize a plan that takes your lawn from drab to fab.

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