How to Repair Grass Damaged by Dog Urine

You love your dog. He’s a part of your family. In fact, some days he’s probably your favorite family member.

But even man’s best friend needs some looking after. He might be tearing up your yard in spots. Or maybe his regular bathroom breaks are leaving brown spots all over your lawn. And all you want is a nice-looking lawn.

Don’t worry, we understand. We’ve all been there.

And the good news is the problem can be fixed relatively easily.

Let’s look at how dog urine spots on grass impact the lawn and how to fix grass damaged by dog urine.

Learning The Basics of Fixing Grass Damaged by Dog Urine

Dog urine spots on grass shouldn’t be such a big deal, but in certain conditions, they can cause some damage.

And these ugly spots are not your favorite. They look nasty. They make your yard look nasty. You’d prefer to live without them.

Here are some facts to help you understand how these spots happen and what you can to to prevent and/or fix them.

Why Does Dog Urine Damage Grass?

You might wonder why your precious Fido’s urine is damaging your lawn.

dog sitting on healthy grass The urea in dog urine isn’t technically burning your grass, but it is robbing the spots it touches of moisture due to its high salt concentration. The end result is a chemical reaction that causes dog urine spots on grass.

If your dog goes in the same spots regularly, the accumulation of those salts could make those specific spots worse.

What Do Dog Urine Spots on Grass Look Like?

When you spot tan splotches in your lawn, you could suspect a number of things in the summertime in Maryland– from drought to disease.

The spots look like 4- to 8-inch circular patterns of dead grass.

How you can usually tell the difference is because disease will spread in one area, while dog urine spots can be spread across the entire lawn wherever your dog takes his outside breaks.

How To Prevent Lawn Damaged By Dog Urine

The best way to deal with dog urine spots on grass is to prevent them in the first place.

Sprinkler headDo this by watering your lawn where the dog uses it as a restroom as soon as possible afterward. This will dilute the urea and salts, spreading it out so it doesn’t cause damage.

Having a designated area with gravel or mulch that you could direct your dog to is another option, as is taking your dog for walks so they urinate off of your property. Dogs can typically be trained to do this so your best friend can have his outside breaks and you can maintain a great lawn at the same time.

How To Fix Grass Damaged By Dog Urine

If you have spots on your lawn damaged by dog urine, unfortunately the areas usually die.

To repair those dead spots, you’ll want to reseed the areas to ensure weeds don’t sneak in.

lawn care technician aerates lawn In addition to that, proper lawn care can help your lawn withstand dog urine spots on grass, as well as encourage faster regrowth. This includes proper fertilization and weed control, correct weekly mowing to a 3- to 4-inch height, and watering to 1.5 inches of water a week including rainfall, as well as annual aeration and overseeding.

Don’t Let Dog Urine Ruin Your Central and Southern Maryland Lawn

You want a lawn that looks great. We can completely relate. No one wants to own that house with the worst lawn on the block.

We hope these facts about dog urine spots on grass help you better understand how the blemishes occur and what you can do to prevent them and repair them.

If you’re still having trouble getting Fido to stop wreaking havoc on your lawn, give Natural Green a call. We’d be happy to give your lawn some TLC to help get it in the best shape it needs to be so it can better withstand issues and give you some tips on further repair and prevention tactics.

Looking to improve the look of your lawn in Central or Southern Maryland and fix grass damaged by dog urine? We’d love to help. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll prepare a customized plan so you can have the kind of lawn you love.

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