Is Lawn Care Service Worth The Cost? What You Should Know

When people pass your Maryland home, your lawn is the first thing they see. That means you can’t really hide behind it when it’s looking bad.

And when you decide you don’t want to tackle lawn care services yourself to keep your lawn in good health and improve your curb appeal, you can’t help but compare prices as you’re researching businesses to hire. You want to know what you’re getting for the price, after all, and you want to make sure you aren’t missing anything important that your lawn needs.

As you start to try and compare apples to apples, you might end up asking yourself, “Are lawn services worth the money?” You don’t want to pick the lowest price option if you find the results aren’t great, but you also want to make sure you are getting quality care for the cost.

Let’s look at the benefits to hiring a professional for your lawn care services and why it’s worth it to hire a lawn care company vs. trying to DIY your lawn care or ignore it altogether.

Top Reasons The Cost of Lawn Care Services Are Worth It

To truly understand if it’s worth it to hire a lawn care company, you have to understand what you're paying for.

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Reviewing some of these key features a professional brings to the table can help you better understand the costs involved.

Technicians Bring Lawn Care Experience & Specialized Training

When lawn care services are done on your property, the lawn care technicians who perform the work are the most essential part of the process.

As such, you want to know you are getting experienced professionals who make it worth it to hire a lawn care company. For instance, lower prices could mean less experienced lawn care technicians who are also paid less and aren’t as motivated to do quality work.

lawn care technician pours fertilizer into spreaderAt Natural Green System, for example, we hire experienced technicians and assist them in getting the necessary licensing and certifications so they can do their jobs effectively.

We also regularly train them on best practices. This training is important so technicians are updated on application techniques, new products for treating specific lawn care issues, and everything in between. We talk about the right walking speed when using liquid products vs. granular products, calibrating equipment properly, and identifying various weeds and diseases. These things can make the difference between a lush, green lawn and one with yellow areas, bare spots, and tons of weeds.

Natural Green thinks weekly training and safety meetings are essential, as well as reviewing best practices or updates throughout the year.

team sits in chairs at weekly team meeting While this higher level of experience and training may cost a bit more, it directly benefits you from the very first lawn care visit. Experienced and well-trained technicians are way more likely to notice problems in your lawn, as well as be able to address it properly right away.

This means you get better results and a better looking lawn.

Lawn Care Product Choices

Just like any products you purchase, you’ll find varying quality levels. This is the same with lawn care products. Another thing that makes the cost of lawn care services worth the expense is that productional lawn care companies use more effective, higher quality, commercial-grade products.

granular fertilizer being poured into spreader

Why do products matter? Some key products can do wonders when it comes to tackling specific lawn care issues. And these high quality products in the hands of experienced technicians who apply them at the right time of year with the right equipment in the right manner produce the absolute best results.

Precisely Timed Lawn Care Service Visits = Fewer Worries

A professional lawn care company shows up to your home a specific number of times per year, and each visit includes one or more applications, depending on the time of year, your lawn’s specific issues, and the level of service you signed up to receive.

Is lawn care service worth the cost? This is where professional lawn care applications can make a huge difference. If you were DIY-ing your lawn care, you’d have to time your lawn care applications precisely to the seasons and issues, as well as pay attention to things like crabgrass and know when to apply pre-emergent herbicides to keep it at bay, as well as other troubleshooting tactics. You’d also have to be outside monitoring your lawn on a regular basis to identify challenges. And you can’t let things like summer vacation or time enjoying your landscape get in the way.

lawn care technician fertilizes lawnWhen you hire a pro, you don’t have to worry about anything other than knowing how many visits and applications they signed up for. A qualified and knowledgeable lawn care technician will handle the timing, proper identification of issues, all while calibrating their equipment and bringing high-quality products to the picture. You can enjoy your summer, while your lawn is expertly taken care of.

Natural Green Systems technicians include 6 to 7 yearly property visits to Central and Southern Maryland properties. Each visit includes a variety of treatments based on each home lawn’s specific needs. Since every lawn is different, some lawns require a customized approach that takes more attention to get it back to good health.

This number of visits and time on your home lawn allows us to keep your grass healthy with just the right amount of treatments, while also adapting with more aggressive options in case you require a program that needs other essentials, such as lawn insect control or aeration and overseeding. We also conduct free soil tests on our customers’ properties to ensure we provide exactly what your lawn needs.

It’s Worth It To Hire a Lawn Care Company

In Maryland, the cost of lawn care services is well worth it to tackle your common lawn care troubles and keep your grass in optimal health – all while keeping you hassle- and stress-free.

But we understand it can be hard to understand whether it’s worth it to hire a lawn care company as you look for solutions.

If you’re still trying to comprehend the benefits of lawn care, give Natural Green Systems a call. We’d love to come and assess your lawn and give you our expert insight into what it needs and why you can benefit from professional lawn care services.

Want to learn more about the amazing curb appeal boost a great lawn can get you in Central and Southern Maryland? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can just sit back and enjoy your lawn.

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