Why Lawn Services Are Safer For The Environment Than DIY

Your lawn is a key part of your Maryland home landscape.

A gorgeous, green lawn certainly adds beauty to your property, and that, in turn, boosts its curb appeal and overall value. A thick, healthy lawn also gives you, your children, and your pets a place to relax outdoors or play catch or fetch.

A dustbowl of a space surely wouldn’t give you the same perks. Trips and falls on dirt and weeds or mud puddles do the exact opposite for you when it comes to aesthetics, visual appeal, and value.

This makes improving and maintaining your lawn’s health and appearance a priority for you. In fact, as you explore steps to take, you probably stumble upon some DIY lawn care options, wondering if they can do the job. More importantly, once you dive a bit deeper, you might be asking yourself if DIY is safe and whether or not lawn service in Central and Southern Maryland could be a better option.

While you’re doing some research, let’s review what is environmentally safe lawn care and where DIY fits into that picture.

Top Ways to Embrace More Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care

You might see that your lawn has problems and requires some better attention and care.

And as you peruse home improvement store shelves and read articles online, you might think you can figure it out.

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Unfortunately, all too often DIY lawn care can lead to some practices that are not environmentally safe lawn care.

You see, lawn care is a science. And it takes some knowledge of grass species, weed species, soil type, and a variety of other key factors to make proper decisions for your lawn. This requires some serious education.

Professional lawn services can actually offer a better option for you when it comes to being better stewards of the environment. Here’s exactly how they do it.

Use Soil Test Results to Determine Proper Lawn Care

One of the first things your lawn care technician should do is conduct a soil test on your lawn.

Why? A soil test can tell you some vital facts about your soil conditions. And those insights can influence what your lawn care services should include.

lawn care technician performs soil test For instance, a soil test can tell you your soil pH. In Maryland, the optimal pH for growing lawns is between 6.4 to 6.8. When your soil is in this range, your lawn will more effectively absorb nutrition in fertilizer. If your pH is off balance, a lawn care technician will recommend a lime application to help correct it. Without getting your soil to the right pH, your lawn won’t improve.

DIY lawn care that doesn’t take soil test results into account may be wasting products because your lawn may not be responding to any of the care you’re providing if its pH is out of whack.

Precise Product Application

You might see weeds in your grass or maybe you notice brown spots. And when you stop at the home improvement store, they might even suggest to you that a bit of fertilizer or weed control products could help.

As you look at the products and read the directions, you think, “Well if this much is good, more must be better.”

lawn care professional pours fertilizer into spreader With environmentally friendly lawn care, more is never better. A lot more product could reverse your intended effects or even cause serious damage, not to mention break state laws regarding fertilizer or lawn care product use.

Lawn care is a precision science. Knowing exactly what your lawn needs, what product to use, and specifically how much to apply and how to do so properly is vital to achieving quality results that are also Mother Nature approved.

Correct Application Timing

Lawn services in Maryland are also delivered at certain times throughout the year that make the most sense for the specific application, weather conditions, and intended outcome.

lawn care technician spreads fertilizer For example, if you have crabgrass, you probably want to get rid of it. Learning about this weed, you’ll find that it is best controlled through pre-emergent herbicides applied in early spring before those weeds emerge from the ground. Missing this crucial window means you’ll have more weeds and once they grow, they are harder to control.

During DIY lawn care, it’s easy to get off track when trying to take care of your lawn during specific times. If you have work meetings or family events or even travel, you could miss a crucial lawn care window. Professionals are constantly watching the weather and know when lawn care treatments are needed throughout the year, so these times aren’t missed.

Using the Right Products and Equipment

Is lawn care safe for the environment? Absolutely when it is done correctly.

Lawn technicians prepare to fertilize grass This means using the right products and the right equipment. Guessing on some products that an employee at a home improvement store recommended and then trying to save money on inferior equipment to apply that product can not only waste your time and money, but it might not help your lawn after all that work.

Professional lawn care ensures that your lawn is cared for using up-to-date soil test results, the right treatment techniques, application best practices, high-end equipment, and precision timing.

Embrace Environmentally Safe Lawn Care With Natural Green Systems

You know you want a nice lawn. You just want to know the best path to get there.

You are probably looking at information from a variety of sources, and your head might be cluttered with conflicting data. What do you do?

We can help. Choosing professional lawn services in Central and Southern Maryland can get you environmentally friendly lawn care without the hassle, headaches, or late nights reading science blogs and books.

We know your time is valuable and that you want to be outside enjoying your grass – not shedding tears over a broken spreader and a spilled bag of fertilizer. Give us a call and let us give you a hand.

Want to learn more about what professional lawn care services in Central and Southern Maryland include? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can just sit back and enjoy your lawn.

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