Mosquito Control Schedule in Maryland: When & How Often to Spray Your Yard

Once you get to summertime, there’s really no stopping the fun.

Is there any better way to enjoy summer than being outside and having a barbecue with your family and friends? You can be a master of the grill while you enjoy good conversation and a refreshing beverage and laugh and enjoy good times.

But what can limit your fun more than anything in mid-summer is a good old dash of some uninvited party guests: mosquitoes.

Not only do they come to the party without RSVPing, but they also like to intrude on conversations by pestering your guests and interrupting their sentences by whirring past their ears or biting them, giving them itchy welts.

On top of that, some of those bites can have lasting stings with diseases like West Nile Virus, which can be fairly serious.

You might be wondering as you bat another mosquito away, how often you need to spray to truly limit the mosquito populations in your yard. Let’s take a look at when to spray for mosquitoes so you can get a better handle on keeping these unwanted party guests away.

Mosquito Control Schedule in Maryland

Summer brings the temperatures you long for, but those warmer days also bring mosquitoes.

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The trick is understanding when you need to start spraying, when you should do so again, and for how long.

Understanding how often to spray for mosquitoes is certainly a big part of keeping them at bay.

When To Start Your Mosquito Spray Schedule

Mosquitoes become active in Central and Southern Maryland when temperatures reach the upper 40s. Not only can they be active, but they can be aggressive, so you want to start your mosquito spray schedule at the proper time.

pest control technician sprays for mosquitoes This usually happens in April, but it can happen in late March. Paying attention to weather forecasts can give you a good idea on when these temperature thresholds may arrive.

How Often To Spray For Mosquitoes

Next, you want to consider how often to spray for mosquitoes.

Most products have a roughly 30 day residual. This means they become less effective the closer you approach 4 weeks after treatment.

So, treating for mosquitoes every four weeks during their prime season is a great frequency for optimum control.

What is the Ideal Mosquito Spray Schedule in Maryland?

The ideal mosquito control plan is to start in April or when consistent, warmer temperatures arrive, and then continue each month through November. That ensures that you control the adult and breeding populations of mosquitoes throughout their season.

pest control technician sprays trees for mosquitoesNow, many people may begin to forget about mosquito control treatments in October and November, thinking they aren’t important. But in Central and Southern Maryland, those temperatures are still warm. And those applications are extremely important for the next season because you’re controlling the overwintering eggs and next spring’s population.

At the very minimum, you want to ensure you receive four applications through the season – possibly April or May, July, August, and then toward the end of the season. It may not provide optimum control, but it still gives you some coverage during those peak times.

Professional Mosquito Control Stands Apart

The three main types of mosquitoes we deal with in Central and Southern Maryland are the Asian Tiger Mosquito, Common House Mosquito, and Yellow Fever Mosquito.

They all fly short distances and then land, rest, and breed. It’s a repeat cycle.

pest control technician sprays for mosquitoes When you bring in a professional for mosquito control treatments, they use specialized equipment to target the insects. The backpack mister they use emits a super fine mist, which is ideal for reaching these tiny pests.

Then, they understand the pests and where they hang out, so they know where to direct the applications, such as the undersides of trees and shrubs, as well as under decks or at property edges and near patios.

This is the best way to keep mosquitoes away.

Embrace an Optimum Mosquito Control Schedule in Maryland

Mosquitoes don’t have to ruin your summer. Your patio is your haven, not theirs. And those steaks you’re about to grill are for your invited guests – not the uninvited ones.

Summer is meant to be enjoyed. Get ahead of mosquito control treatments by understanding the proper timing and strategy for the best control.

If you still aren’t sure when to start or how often to target mosquitoes in your yard, give Natural Green Systems a call. We can help you take back your backyard fun and ensure your party guests stay past sunset versus leave your party early.

Take back your yard from mosquitoes with a professional treatment schedule. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll prepare a customized plan to help you keep mosquitoes away from your Central or Southern Maryland yard.

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