5 Most Common Questions About Professional Weed Control in Maryland

Ever wonder why you hate weeds so much?

First of all, weeds take up space. They are taller and uglier and grow faster than the plants you want. They discourage that desirable lawn you crave, and they make the lawn you’re trying to perfect look unattractive and uncared for. A weed’s defining characteristic, in fact, is to grow where it’s not wanted.

On top of that, weeds are prolific seed producers, so in the right conditions they can multiply like crazy. Their roots are just as greedy, taking up valuable space. And, as they grow, they steal water and nutrients from the plants you want.

Weeds are just bad news. And you want them gone. We know the feeling.

As you dream about all the ways you want to eliminate these undesirables from your lawn, you probably have some questions about weed control services. Let’s review some of the biggest things people ask us about these lawn invaders so you can learn more about how professional weed control works.

5 Things You Should Know About Weed Control Services in Maryland

Lawn weeds can certainly be a distraction when you’re just trying to enjoy your yard. So you want to eliminate them. Pulling them out one by one would obviously be too time consuming and may only put a temporary band-aid on the problem.

Hiring a professional weed control service could help eliminate your worries … and your weeds. But there are some questions that naturally arrive when you’re planning your weed removal strategy. Here are five questions we get most often. Lawn technician spraying weeds

1. How Long Does it Take For Weed Control to Work?

When a professional lawn care service uses a post-emergent weed control product on your lawn, you may be wondering how long it will take to kill the weeds. It’s definitely unrealistic to think that if you sit out there after the pros leave and watch the weeds while sipping a glass of iced tea, you’ll slowly see them disappear in an hour.

Realistically, you will see a change in the appearance of your weeds a couple of days after treatment is applied. They may begin to wither or shrink a bit, lacking their strength and vigor. Depending on your weather conditions, it may take about two weeks for weeds to completely die out.

No weed control, unfortunately, is 100 percent effective. Weeds are just too prolific in the soil and too aggressive. When given the right weather conditions or access, those weeds dive right in and begin their takeover. This is why caring for your lawn and keeping it strong and thick can be one of your best defenses against weeds.

The good news is that proper professional weed control applications are actually 90 to 95 percent effective. Sure beats pulling those leggy, scraggly greens out one by one, no?lawn weeds before treatment

2. When Should You Mow and Water After Weed Killer Application?

It’s normal for you to have questions about when you should take care of certain tasks after your professional weed control application. After all, you don’t want to ruin any efforts in eliminating those weeds.

When it comes to mowing, you should mow 48 hours after a post-emergent weed control application. And mowing at this time can actually help you see the positive visible results of weed control. You mow off the dying weeds and your lawn grows in around them.

And while the professional products lawn care technicians use are rain fast after only four hours, it’s wise to wait 24 hours to water your lawn after a weed control application, if possible.

3. Is Weed Control Safe for My Pets and Children?

Many of the active ingredients in the professional weed control products lawn care companies use are also sold on Lowe’s and Home Depot shelves in weaker, do-it-yourself versions. When used properly and according to label directions, as well as applied by a trained and experienced hand, the products are very safe.

Once a liquid product application is dry, the lawn is safe for children and pets. Many times, your service provider may tell you to wait a couple of hours to ensure it’s thoroughly dry, but the product will typically dry in 30 minutes -- sometimes faster on a hot day. dog in lawn with weed control

4. How Much Does Weed Control Service Cost in Maryland?

Each time a lawn care company visits your home, they usually conduct one or more treatments based on the time of year and what your specific lawn needs. The cost of a lawn treatment is based on your lawn’s square footage. Most times, professional weed control is a part of that.

When you’re comparing weed control services in Maryland, make sure to ask how many visits and applications are included. If you see a big difference between pricing, it may be because they don’t offer the same visits or applications as other companies or they charge separately for weed control.

A lawn care program is usually offered in various tiers of service, but weed control is a common staple in these. Extras would be things like aeration or insect control. Some years bring more weeds, while others bring fewer. Many times, it depends on the weather conditions Mother Nature delivers that year. We will do more weed control some years and less weed control other years, depending on the infestation level, but the cost will remain the same. We feel this is a fair way to provide you with the care your lawn needs without adding incremental or itemized charges so you can get great service and not have to worry about breaking your budget.

5. Is Professional Weed Control Better Than DIY Weed Control?

If you are trying do-it-yourself weed control, there are products available at home improvement stores.

To tackle weeds, you must properly identify the weed, choose the right product for the job and read label instructions for proper application. Knowing the weed and its growth habits is crucial to timing your application for maximum results. Some weeds are best controlled with pre-emergent herbicides and some are best controlled using post-emergent herbicides. weed inspection and identificationBuilding your DIY lawn care knowledge is not easy. It takes experienced technicians years to build their education so they can obtain the proper licensing and certifications. It’s also important to understand Maryland state laws when it comes to proper lawn care applications, as well as stay up-to-date on best practices.

With professional weed control, all of this guesswork is done for you. And you’re also not spending your valuable free time tending to your lawn when you could be doing other things.

Here is a video about weed control to provide even more insight.

Your Weed Control Questions Answered!

Weeds are nasty, for sure. They like to take advantage of every space where they can sneak in and take over.

But you don’t have to feel like you are powerless in this battle.

Weeds like to target weak lawns that lack nutrients, drainage, or are thin and stressed. So your biggest defense against weeds is a healthy, happy lawn. This is a lawn that is mowed regularly to 3.5 to 4 inches high; has the proper balance of nutrients via regular fertilization; receives longer, infrequent irrigation; and is balanced with aeration and overseeding at least once annually. Creating the best environment for your lawn to grow is priority number one.

Beyond that, weeds can still break through sometimes. And that’s why we’re here to help you understand how professional weed control can help.

Natural Green offers a complete, proactive lawn care program in Maryland that includes proper fertilization, as well as both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments throughout the growing season. Weeds don’t have a chance when you have professional eyes on your property regularly, keeping them in check.

Weeds taking over your lawn … and your worries? We’d love to help you get back to enjoying your yard without headaches. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll prepare a customized plan so you can take back control of your lawn.

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