The Most Effective Rodent Control Methods for Maryland Homeowners

When mice get inside your house, it’s just the worst.

They can squeeze through the tiniest of holes, and once they make a nest indoors, they begin to multiply. By then it feels like you might never get rid of your problem.

If you’ve had this problem, you know how effective rodent control methods in Central and Southern Maryland can help.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to get mice out of your home so you can rest peacefully again.

The Top 2 Rodent Control Methods That Work in Central and Southern Maryland

Let’s look at what a mouse might look like in your Maryland home.

Typically gray or light brown with whitish bellies, mice range in size from 2.5 to 4 inches long and have large, round ears. And their tails grow to the same length or even longer than their bodies.

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The reason your home is such a draw for mice is that in the fall and winter they are looking to escape the outside elements. They want to be secure; have access to food, water, and nesting materials; and grow their families.

And those mice families multiply fast. Female mice can birth 5 to 12 babies in 1 litter, and they can do this 5 to 10 times a year. That’s quite a bit of mice.

That means you need the most effective rodent control methods you can find to ensure you stop this madness before it becomes too much to handle. Here are the best ways to get those mice out of your home.

1. Prevention is Key

First of all, prevention is the best rodent control method to keep infestations at bay.

You can prevent mice through exclusion methods.

This starts with repairing or sealing any holes or cracks that provide mice with easy entry to your home, attic, or garage. If you find holes up to a few inches in diameter, seal them with caulking and copper mesh. Mice don’t like to chew on copper mesh, so it’s a great tool to keep them from coming back through their regular entry points.

pest control expert inspects home Also, mice are attracted to cereals and grains, as well as pet food and birdseed. Store these foods in glass, metal, or plastic containers with airtight lids.

You should also keep things clean by regularly clearing crumbs and spills off floors and countertops.

Of course, if you find any mouse nests, remove them and clean up after them quickly to discourage future mice.

2. Hire a Rodent Control Professional

If you have mouse problems or see signs of mice, the next step usually includes placing rodent bait stations, glue traps, or snap traps for rodent control in Maryland.

Snap traps can be placed in enclosed spaces, garage corners and behind appliances -- anywhere you’ve noticed mouse activity. You want to place traps at right angles to walls with bait nearest the wall. Be careful placing these indoors if you have other pets.

pest control technician sets up rodent trap Glue traps can be placed in similar locations to snap traps. Mice that encounter the traps are immobilized by adhesive.

You can also use bait stations, but they must also be placed properly to be effective. Mouse control professionals like Natural Green Systems use bait stations that are pet- and tamper-proof so they are safe to use inside your home. These companies also precisely place them and check on them since they need to replace bait regularly to ensure the stations are working.

Depending on the type of mouse infestation you have, you can use one or more of these various strategies as part of an effective rodent control strategy.

Stop Mice In Their Tracks

Mice are pretty gross. They leave mouse droppings – up to 75 a day per mouse! And they don’t keep a clean space. It can be nasty having mice in your home. We completely understand your feelings here.

If you see a lot of mice activity in or near your home, it might be time for you to take a more serious approach to preventing and eliminating them.


And if you’re not sure what to do to create a more effective rodent control plan, give Natural Green a call. We will tackle the problem with monthly visits for three months and then quarterly from there to ensure the mice are gone … and stay away.

On top of that, we can also offer other pest control services -- a single source to eliminate all of your bug woes.

Ready to stop the mouse madness in your Central and Southern Maryland home? Request a free quote today. We’ll review our options together so you can make the best choice for you. Then you can sit back and enjoy your home -- rodent free!

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