Lawn Care & Pest Control Tips

5 FAQs About Backyard Mosquito Control Spray

Nothing ruins a backyard barbecue more than mosquitoes. They put a damper on your whole outdoor time – whether you’re having a pool party, barbecuing with friends, or even just enjoying some quiet time with a lemonade and a book.

7 Common Questions About Lawn Fertilization in Maryland

Having questions is a normal part of life.

Asking questions shows you care about the matter at hand. And when it comes to your lawn, inquiring about your options and how to keep your grass healthy can give you tremendous insight.

How To Treat Your Maryland Lawn for Red Thread Disease

Green lawns are all the rage.

Imagine a yellow lawn or a brown lawn. It just wouldn’t be the same.

And one with spots? Forget about it.

A lawn is definitely more inviting when it’s a nice shade of green. That would be your preference for an enjoyable summer lawn in Maryland. We completely understand. We like a green lawn, too.

Earwig Control in Maryland: 5 Earwig Prevention Tips For Maryland Homeowners

A lot of bugs have creepy names or names that sound creepy at least.

Others are stars in creepy stories.

For instance, earwigs. There’s a story that says earwigs burrow into your ears at night while you sleep. Gross. And completely untrue … thank goodness!

5 Common DIY Lawn Care Mistakes Made by Maryland Homeowners

Your lawn is an important part of your home landscape. A thick, green lawn adds value to your property and shows off all of its best attributes. It provides a place to play and relax and enjoy playing fetch with your dog or catch with your children.

What Services Do Most Lawn Care Companies Provide in Central & Southern Maryland?

If you are thinking about hiring a professional lawn care service provider in Central and Southern Maryland, you might be curious about what is included in lawn care services.

What is Perimeter Pest Control and How Much Does It Cost in Central & Southern Maryland?

You want to keep unwanted guests out of your home, and that includes bugs. No one invited them. We totally understand.

And you may have even heard that quarterly perimeter pest control treatments can help keep those pests out.

But you might be wondering, “What is perimeter pest control?” and “Do I need perimeter pest control?”

How to Identify and Get Rid of Springtails in Your Maryland Home

Sometimes it’s not the biting or stinging bugs that are the worst.

Don’t misunderstand us: They are bad, too. But often the worst bugs are the nuisance pests, the ones that get in your way as you're conducting your normal day or that you have to constantly pick up after once you find them in your home.

How and When to Apply Lime to Your Maryland Lawn

Your lawn needs some love throughout the year.

While some of the care your lawn needs may seem straightforward, other maintenance can be confusing.

4 Winter Lawn Weeds in Maryland and What To Do About Them

Take a look at your lawn. You probably can’t see the evil enemies lurking among your grass blades.

These winter weeds in Maryland may not be flourishing as the weather cools, but the milder temperatures of our area allow them to linger in wait, eager for the moment when they can emerge further.