Lawn Care & Pest Control Tips

5 Signs of a Mouse or Rat Problem in Your House

Unfortunately, mice and rats living in your home can go undetected for quite some time. It’s no wonder: They are quiet and small and can sneak into the smallest of spaces.

5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Lawn Care in Maryland

We know that as you take care of your lawn, you want it to look good. You give it attention and curb appeal. You treat it well to ensure it looks its best.

The Most Effective Rodent Control Methods for Maryland Homeowners

When mice get inside your house, it’s just the worst.

4 Termite Prevention Tips for Your Maryland Home

Termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency

How to Find and Seal Pest Entry Points to Your House: Tips for Maryland Homeowners

Regular guests to your home usually knock first before you let them in. You get the opportunity to greet and welcome them.

But there are some visitors to your house in Maryland that use some secret backdoors to come in. And they don’t knock first or ask permission. They just barge their way in and set up shop, making your home their own.

Why Lawn Services Are Safer For The Environment Than DIY

Your lawn is a key part of your Maryland home landscape.

A gorgeous, green lawn certainly adds beauty to your property, and that, in turn, boosts its curb appeal and overall value. A thick, healthy lawn also gives you, your children, and your pets a place to relax outdoors or play catch or fetch.

How to Manage Multiple Types of Grass in the Same Lawn

You probably know there are multiple types of grasses out there across the country that grow in different home landscapes. There are cool-season and warm-season grasses that do best in northern and southern U.S. locations.

4 Fall Tasks to Keep Rodents Out of Your House in Winter

Things begin to cool down as fall approaches in Maryland.

It's also time to clean things up and prepare for winter. The chill weather feels refreshing after a long, hot summer. And the bugs and annoying critters like mice begin to die down to the point where you don’t see them much. Being outside feels pretty nice.

Do Fleas Live in Lawn Grass? How to Know if Fleas Are in Your Yard

If you have pets, especially dogs, then it’s pretty likely they spend a lot of time in your yard.

Maybe you play fetch with Fido in the afternoons. Or Rover is your companion as you enjoy time on your patio or enjoying your lawn.

Any time you’re outside, you want to feel that your pets are safe. In fact, you might be wondering what’s lurking in your backyard right now. Among the pests that could be hanging out in your yard are fleas. They can easily catch a ride on a rodent passing through your yard and show up on your beloved pet.

How to Choose Local Lawn Aeration Services in Central & Southern Maryland

When the summer calls you outside in Maryland, you want to enjoy it.

Part of your summertime fun is having a lawn to toss a frisbee on and run across and just lay on if you need to. We understand. We want that, too.

Sometimes, toward the end of the summer, you’ll start to notice your lawn is looking thin, like it lacks the fight against all summer’s worse – everything from drought to weeds to tough conditions.

And your lawn just looks worn out, like it needs to be refreshed.

If you’re looking at a thin, tired lawn full of bare spots and lacking some pizzazz, you might be wondering what you can do. Maybe you even tried fertilization and weed control, and nothing is helping.

The good news is, we know exactly what the trouble is. Your lawn is compacted and can’t take in oxygen, water, or nutrients like it needs to. An annual aeration and overseeding treatment can be exactly what you need to give your lawn some breathing room and enable it to do its job again and thicken up, looking like that lawn you remember again.

But what you might not know is who does lawn aeration in Central and Southern Maryland?

Let’s look at lawn aeration and why it’s important, as well as suggest some tips on how you can choose the right company to take on the job at your home landscape.