4 Perimeter Pest Control Question & Answers For Maryland Homeowners

No one wants unwanted bugs in their home. It just makes everyday life frustrating when ants are crawling in your bathroom or invading your kitchen pantry.

You didn’t invite them. We get why you don’t want them around. 

You may have heard about quarterly perimeter pest control services, and how they can help keep these insects away. But you might have quite a few questions about these applications and how they work. 

Let’s review some common questions and answers about perimeter pest control in Maryland so you can gain a better understanding of this service.

4 Common Questions & Answers About Perimeter Pest Control

Once temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Central and Southern Maryland, pests become active, moving about and looking for new homes. 

They want food, shelter, water, and secure homes in which to hang out and create bigger insect families. And your home is the perfect environment for this because you supply some great crumbs, humidity, trash, and moisture – all things bugs love. Gross, right? 

And they can creep into the smallest openings – everything from cracks in your foundation or around your windows. 

Perimeter pest control helps block these pests. Here are some more details about this service.

1. What is Perimeter Pest Control?

Perimeter pest control is a service that helps block bugs from entering your home. 

NaturalGreen pest control technician crew sprayingIt involves applying a product around your home foundation to discourage pests from entering. The product includes something bugs don’t like the smell or taste of, so they stay away.

2. Why Do You Need Perimeter Pest Control Quarterly?

Refreshing your perimeter pest control barrier quarterly is an important step in keeping insects out of your home. 

pest control expert sprays near homeA quarterly visit ensures your pest control perimeter doesn’t break down, which is what’s necessary to keep pests away. It takes approximately this long for the product to lose its effect, so quarterly helps ensure you keep that pest barrier strong.

3. Why is Perimeter Pest Control by a Professional Helpful?

During perimeter pest control treatments, you have an experienced technician outside of your home each quarter.

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While they are refreshing your pest barrier, they keep their eyes out for problems they see and let you know what they find and suggest solutions. Technicians with years of experience on how to detect pests can spot infestations or potential trouble areas early, so they can stop insects quickly.

4. How Much Does Perimeter Pest Control Cost And Is It Worth It?

Quarterly perimeter pest control services cost approximately $125 per visit. 

homeowner and client inspect windowBut by keeping bugs out of your home, you don’t have to spend money on eliminating the pests from your home interior. To treat a pest infestation costs at least double a perimeter pest control treatment per visit until those pests are eliminated.

Keep Bugs Out With Perimeter Pest Control in Central and Southern Maryland

No one wants bugs like ants taking over their home. They are a nuisance and they don’t make it easy to feel comfortable and cozy at home. 

We hope these questions about perimeter pest control services help you better understand how they can help keep bugs out of your home. 

If you find you still have questions about this service, we’d be happy to help. Give Natural Green Systems a call. We can educate you on our proven process to eliminate pests and give you peace of mind and a pest-free home. 

Have some questions about perimeter pest control costs and services? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can relax and avoid any surprise pest problems. 

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