3 Reasons Why Fall Weed Control is Crucial in Maryland

How do you know you neglected your fall weed control in Maryland?

Spring weeds will erupt with a vengeance, that’s how.

Sure, we’re all aware of weeds when they start emerging in March and April. But did you know that those weed seeds are already present and waiting just under the soil surface in the fall and winter.Even though fall may feel like a fine time to stop thinking about your lawn, continuing its care now can ensure your lawn thrives during the tougher times of the year, such as during spring when weed pressure is greatest and during summer when drought threatens your lawn.

Let’s review the reasons why fall weed control in Maryland is so important to the overall success of your lawn.

3 Incentives for Fall Weed Control in Maryland

No one likes weeds; you don’t, we don’t.

Now that we agree on that, let’s talk about weed control. All you want is control of weeds, but that’s exactly why fall weed control for lawns is so essential.

lawn care technician inspecting weedsEmbracing a strategy that ideally focuses on weed control throughout the year with minimum inputs and maximum results is what will give you the weed-free lawn you’re seeking.

Use This Lawn Weed ID Tool to Spot Weeds in Your Lawn

When the weather cools in fall, it’s easy to forget about your lawn. But here is why you shouldn’t.

1. Fall is When Cool-Season Weeds Germinate

Fall may seem like an innocent time of year when it comes to weeds and your lawn. You can’t see much action happening out there. But that’s the beauty of the cool-season weeds that germinate in the fall. They are the main reasons you can’t neglect weed control in fall. These are the nasty ones like bittercress, henbit, and chickweed. In the fall, they begin emerging but are hardly noticeable to the untrained eye.

Need a refresher course? Here are the weeds we’re talking about.

  • Chickweed: A winter annual, chickweed appears in thick patches of smooth stems and leaves.
  • Clover: This clover is certainly not the lucky one. It’s low-growing, three-leaflet appearance is a very common stickler in Central and Southern Maryland lawns.
  • Bittercress: This weed likes to take advantage of thin lawn areas where you may have mowed too short or shady spots. If you let it be, it’ll get tall and irritating.

These weeds start growing in late August and continue through the autumn season. Then by January, February, and March, they become even more prominent.

2. Cool-Season Weed Control Is Easier in Fall

If you don’t notice cool-season weeds when they are germinating in fall, you’ll likely see them in February and March, when they are much bigger. And, unfortunately, that’s when they become so much harder to control.

lawn weeds taking over lawn in fallWhy? First, they have had time to grow so they have more established roots and uglier, nastier, above-ground visuals. Second, herbicides don’t work as well in spring to handle these bad boys specifically. Postemergent herbicides work best when weeds are tender and young.

That’s why if you embrace weed control in fall these cool-season weeds are just babies, and you can get a handle on them, and they’ll disappear. Problem solved.

3. Weed Prevention is the Best Cure

Fall is an ideal time to prepare your Maryland lawn for the months that lie ahead.

lawn technician spraying weed controlAs with any lawn care task – from aeration to seeding to insect control – there is an ideal time to tend to it that makes the entire process that much smoother, cheaper, and easier.

Better understanding your lawn and the best timing for various tasks can give you that overall thick, green lawn you wish for without having to go through a lot of headache and hassle. Even though your brain tells you to stop focusing on the outdoors in the fall because it seems like the lawn is happy, this is actually a great time to keep your lawn on your to-do list.

Give Weed Control in Fall a Chance

Through this education, we hope you get a better sense of why fall is a great time to continue battling those weeds we all hate so much.

Remember, in addition to weed control, creating a healthy, thriving lawn is the best defense against weeds. This is best done through proper mowing, adequate watering and fertilization, as well as aeration and overseeding.

Use these tactics together to get a great Maryland lawn every time.

Want to improve your lawn’s health and eliminate weeds for good? Natural Green Systems can help. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll customize a plan that gives you a lawn your neighbors will envy.

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