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Summer is in the air, and it’s a great time to get your yard in the best shape possible - if all goes to plan, you’ll be enjoying it pretty often for the next few months. That means it’s time to dethatch your lawn, but what’s the best way to go about it? Is liquid lawn dethatcher the right solution for your landscaping, or should you dethatch your lawn by hand? 


What is Thatch? 

Thatch is a layer that developes between the grass and the soil. It’s made up of interwoven, accumuldated dead and living grass roots, shoots, stems, and crowns. Thatch is good if the layer is thin; it helps to maintain steady soil temperature and moisture levels. If it becomes too thick, however, it can become problematic. Thatch overgrowth can be caused by stem issues (which occur with certain types of grass, like Kentucky Bluegrass), undermowing your lawn, and too many dead leaves or other decay. 


Too much thatch on your lawn can make it hard for your grass’ roots to get oxygen and water, and can cause lawn issues. So how do you know when to dethatch a lawn? 


When to Dethatch Your Lawn?

How can you tell that you need to dethatch your lawn? The best way to check is to take a spade and pull up a small section of grass and soil. Examine the thatch layer - if it’s more than a half-inch thick, it’s time to dethatch your lawn. The best time of year to check your thatch in warmer climates like Southern Maryland is late spring or early summer, so get out your gardening gloves. You should avoid dethatching your lawn when it’s dormant - like in winter - or when it’s stressed. 


What is Manual Dethatching? 

If you choose to dethatch your lawn by hand, get ready for a workout. You’ll need to use a dethatching tool, which is a rake with small curved blades that cut into the thatch and pull it out. You’ll also have the option of an electric dethatcher and a power rake. Both of those tools are easier than a traditional manual dethatcher, but all three of the methods listed above take a fair amount of time and energy. 


What is Liquid Dethatcher? 

 If you’re short on time or energy, that’s where liquid dethatcher comes into play. This form of lawn dethatcher is a liquid that you spray on your lawn. It breaks down the thatch layer and turns it into humus, which is a great fertilizer. 

How does it work?  Liquid dethatchers are typically a mixture of microorganisms and enzymes that feed on dead plants. The more they feed, the more they multiply, and the faster they thin out that thatch layer. They’re non-toxic, safe for humans and animals, and vastly improve the health and appearance of your lawn. They’re also fast and easy to apply. 


Let Natural Green Systems Get Your Lawn Summer Ready

Now that you know how dethatching your lawn can benefit your yard and landscaping, it’s time to make it happen. Get your lawn summer-ready with Natural Green Systems Lawn & Pest - contact us for a quote today! 


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