Get Your Lawn Summer Ready

Summer is so close you can almost taste it. Backyard barbeques with friends, picking crabs on the patio, and cooling off with a refreshing snowball. There isn’t much that beats a Maryland summer. Warm spring days have given us a preview of what’s to come, but you can’t truly get ready for outdoor summer fun without getting your lawn ready first. Patchy, dead grass, weeds, and pests don’t make for a great outdoor space, so the key to the perfect lawn is getting started now before summer arrives. 

How Do You Choose a Lawn Care Program?

When most people hear the term “lawn care services,” they think of surface appearance only. The fact is that lawn care goes much deeper than that. A comprehensive lawn care program offers options for soil management, fertilization, crabgrass and weed control, lawn insect and grub control, lawn disease control, and aeration and overseeding. When you want a lawn that you can enjoy and spend time outside on, choosing a professional lawn care program that meets your needs is the right choice. With so many different options out there, it can be a challenge to know which program is right for your property, but our expert team can help you decide based on our fundamental lawn builder program and add-on services. 




The Benefits of Regular Lawn Care Treatments

While DIY lawn care may seem easy, it actually takes time, patience, and consistency to maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn. Choosing the right products and the right treatments makes all the difference, along with a foundation of healthy soil. A nutrient-rich soil bolsters the maximum grass yield and enables the turf to resist drought, weeds, and pests. In addition to soil management, discovering the type of fertilization your lawn might need, applying pre-emergent for weeds, choosing how best to eliminate weeds and grubs, and keeping your lawn growing strong and healthy are all hallmarks of what our professional technicians can do for you. 

The benefit of signing up for our lawn builder program now is that we will cover the basic issues that your lawn can face on a yearly basis. We offer balanced lawn fertilizer treatments, crabgrass and grassy weed preventer, broadleaf weed control, limestone or root growth stimulator, and turf disease and insect inspections. Additionally, our Pro and Elite packages offer preventative grub control, nutsedge control, along with core aeration and overseeding. You won’t have to worry that you have missed the prime time to apply lawn treatments or become frustrated that all the efforts you have put into caring for your lawn seem futile. 

Now is the best time to get your lawn ready for summer. Give us a call or request a quote to let the team here at Natural Green Systems Lawn & Pest get you on the road to lasting results and  a worry-free property. 

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