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L.S.L. Lawn Service vs. Natural Green: Comparing 2 Lawn Care Services in Southern Maryland

When you’re looking for a thicker, greener lawn so you can be the envy of your neighbors, there are quite a few lawn care companies in Southern Maryland you can choose from. Do a quick Google search, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

3 Reasons Why Fall Weed Control is Crucial in Maryland

How do you know you neglected your fall weed control in Maryland?

Spring weeds will erupt with a vengeance, that’s how.

Sure, we’re all aware of weeds when they start emerging in March and April. But did you know that those weed seeds are already present and waiting just under the soil surface in the fall and winter.

Why Fertilizing Your Maryland Lawn in Late Fall is so Important

The summer is over, and the warm weather is dying down as fall surges into full glory. Before you know it, winter will be here.

As the growing season comes to a close, people tend to look at their lawn and think everything is fine. There is no more drought stress. Most water issues disappear. You have almost forgotten any struggles with weeds or bare spots your lawn faced throughout the year.

Fall Lawn Care Checklist: 6 Essential Fall Lawn Care Tasks in Maryland

Your lawn goes through a lot during the year.

It bursts into life in spring with lots of great growth. Then, with adequate care, it survives summer’s heat and drought.

Fall Lawn Seeding vs. Spring: What’s Best For Your Maryland Lawn

The way your yard looks helps you feel like you’re contributing to a positive, thriving, beautiful community. You certainly don’t want to be the sole house on the block with brown grass that’s full of weeds and generally looks unkempt and unloved.

As fall approaches though, you may not be thinking about your yard as much as you usually do. But taking important steps now can ensure your lawn looks like the best one on your street come springtime.

Fall Lawn Aeration in Maryland: Why it’s so Important for a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn goes through quite a lot through the year.

It begins with a burst of growth in spring after surviving a cold winter. Then as temperatures heat up it has to make it through the sticky, hot, dry summer.

By fall, your lawn is ready for a break. And it might show signs of wear. Maybe it looks tired or thin or a bit splotchy.

Never fear! Fall is the perfect time to set things right and give your lawn the boost it needs to replenish itself for winter and recover before that next big growing season.

The Best Grass Type for Maryland Lawns and How to Grow It

Across the country, various regions have different conditions that pair best with different grasses.

Cool-season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass grow best in the northern states. These grasses put on 60% of their top growth from March to June. Then from September to October, they continue growing underground until the soil freezes and then go dormant in January and February.

4 Tips for Growing Grass in Shaded Areas in Your Maryland Backyard

Maryland is known for its hot and humid summers when peak temperatures reach above 100 degrees.

And don’t get us started on the high humidity.

But you’re used to this in our transition zone climate.

Your lawn may think otherwise, however, especially if it doesn’t get any sun.

4 Common Causes of Thick Patches of Grass in Your Maryland Lawn

A thick and healthy lawn is what you crave.

We understand that. It’s what we all want. A nice, green oasis to come home to, sink our bare toes into, and enjoy.

But, unfortunately, there are times when you might notice your grass isn’t behaving as nicely as you’d like.

6 Common Lawn Care Myths You Might Actually Believe

Every one of you reading this blog probably has one person in your neighborhood or on your street who claims to be your resident lawn expert.

He’s always outside on his riding lawn mower, surveying his grass. He’s always talking about how often to mow and how short and when to fertilize or water. He knows it all -- at least that’s what he thinks.