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How to Find and Seal Pest Entry Points to Your House: Tips for Maryland Homeowners

Regular guests to your home usually knock first before you let them in. You get the opportunity to greet and welcome them.

But there are some visitors to your house in Maryland that use some secret backdoors to come in. And they don’t knock first or ask permission. They just barge their way in and set up shop, making your home their own.

4 Fall Tasks to Keep Rodents Out of Your House in Winter

Things begin to cool down as fall approaches in Maryland.

It's also time to clean things up and prepare for winter. The chill weather feels refreshing after a long, hot summer. And the bugs and annoying critters like mice begin to die down to the point where you don’t see them much. Being outside feels pretty nice.

Do Fleas Live in Lawn Grass? How to Know if Fleas Are in Your Yard

If you have pets, especially dogs, then it’s pretty likely they spend a lot of time in your yard.

Maybe you play fetch with Fido in the afternoons. Or Rover is your companion as you enjoy time on your patio or enjoying your lawn.

Any time you’re outside, you want to feel that your pets are safe. In fact, you might be wondering what’s lurking in your backyard right now. Among the pests that could be hanging out in your yard are fleas. They can easily catch a ride on a rodent passing through your yard and show up on your beloved pet.

Is Your Yard Infested With Ticks? 4 Steps You Need to Take Now

Summertime barbecues and cookouts are weekly activities in your Maryland yard. Who doesn’t love a freshly grilled steak or a juicy burger on a bun toasted with those perfectly symmetrical sear marks?

While you’re focused on your menu and tasty dinner plans, you certainly don’t want to have to worry about ticks, especially when mosquito-borne illnesses are on the rise – from West Nile virus to Lyme disease.

Mosquito Control Schedule in Maryland: When & How Often to Spray Your Yard

Once you get to summertime, there’s really no stopping the fun.

Is there any better way to enjoy summer than being outside and having a barbecue with your family and friends? You can be a master of the grill while you enjoy good conversation and a refreshing beverage and laugh and enjoy good times.

Can Pest Control Get Rid of Spiders? What to Expect

In the movies, spiders are certainly creepy. They lurk and hide. You walk through their webs and they feel sticky. You can’t help but think you have something crawling on you the rest of the day.

4 Summer Pest Control Tips For Maryland Homeowners

Summer has warmth and longer days. It has flowers and outdoor festivals and barbecues and family vacations.

DIY Termite Treatment vs. Hiring Termite Control in Maryland

Sure with some bugs, attempting a little bit of DIY tactics might be possible.

The ads from home improvement stores certainly make it look easy and safe. It might even make you wonder why you’d bother with a professional pest control company.

How to Keep Crickets Out of Your House: 5 Tips For Maryland Homeowners

Some cultures believe crickets bring positive vibes. In fact, in Chinese culture and Indigenous tribes, it’s a custom to keep crickets in one’s home for luck.

But these folks probably didn’t have to deal with the incessant chirping of crickets or them jumping out of sight as they walked past, giving them scares. That certainly doesn’t feel like a good luck’s charm.

Do You Have Pet Friendly Pest Control Services? How to Know

We know your pet is your best friend. Fido the dog might be the only one who listens to you after a long day. Or maybe Frisky the cat is always there to warm your lap, snuggling and purring to show you love.