Pest Control (3)

How To Pest Proof Your New House Before Moving In

There is a lot to consider when you buy and then move into a new home.

You might want to change the paint color. And maybe the carpeting in the family room could use a thorough cleaning. You probably also want to take down some curtains that don’t match your decor. The list continues to grow and grow.

5 FAQs About Backyard Mosquito Control Spray

Nothing ruins a backyard barbecue more than mosquitoes. They put a damper on your whole outdoor time – whether you’re having a pool party, barbecuing with friends, or even just enjoying some quiet time with a lemonade and a book.

Earwig Control in Maryland: 5 Earwig Prevention Tips For Maryland Homeowners

A lot of bugs have creepy names or names that sound creepy at least.

Others are stars in creepy stories.

For instance, earwigs. There’s a story that says earwigs burrow into your ears at night while you sleep. Gross. And completely untrue … thank goodness!

What is Perimeter Pest Control and How Much Does It Cost in Central & Southern Maryland?

You want to keep unwanted guests out of your home, and that includes bugs. No one invited them. We totally understand.

And you may have even heard that quarterly perimeter pest control treatments can help keep those pests out.

But you might be wondering, “What is perimeter pest control?” and “Do I need perimeter pest control?”

How to Identify and Get Rid of Springtails in Your Maryland Home

Sometimes it’s not the biting or stinging bugs that are the worst.

Don’t misunderstand us: They are bad, too. But often the worst bugs are the nuisance pests, the ones that get in your way as you're conducting your normal day or that you have to constantly pick up after once you find them in your home.

Flying Ants vs. Termites: How to Tell The Difference & What to Do About Them

What can cause more than $5 billion of property damage in the United States every year?

Termites. They are the most destructive pest you have to fight in Central and Southern Maryland.

How to Get Rid of Millipedes and Centipedes in Your House

Anything with more than a couple sets of legs is never welcome in your Central or Southern Maryland home.

That’s why when you see multi-legged, worm-like insects crawling around your basement or coming out of a moist box in a crawl space corner, you want to run in the other direction. Who doesn’t? Millipedes and centipedes have enough legs to give you the shivers.

Why DIY Mice Control Isn’t The Best Choice for Your Maryland Home

No matter if you’re new to your Maryland home or have been living there for years, it’s never good news when you learn you might have an infestation of mice.

VIDEO: 6 Types of Ants in Maryland and How to Keep Them Out

There is nothing worse than going about your regular day and being stopped in your tracks by something you don’t expect and that requires your immediate attention.

The 4 Most Common Signs of Termites in Maryland Homes

Termites may be one of the hardest things to detect whether they are lurking in your home or not.

They could be in your walls or foundation, and you might not even know it. They are pretty sneaky, and that’s just not a great feeling, particularly if you have a sense they are in your home.