VIDEO: 6 Types of Ants in Maryland and How to Keep Them Out

There is nothing worse than going about your regular day and being stopped in your tracks by something you don’t expect and that requires your immediate attention.

3 Reasons Why Fall Weed Control is Crucial in Maryland

How do you know you neglected your fall weed control in Maryland?

Spring weeds will erupt with a vengeance, that’s how.

Sure, we’re all aware of weeds when they start emerging in March and April. But did you know that those weed seeds are already present and waiting just under the soil surface in the fall and winter.

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It’s a nice day. You’re cleaning up your house and as you're washing your hands at the bathroom sink, you notice something moving on the floor. Could’ve just been a trick of the light or maybe just a speck of dirt.

Fall Lawn Aeration in Maryland: Why it’s so Important for a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn goes through quite a lot through the year.

It begins with a burst of growth in spring after surviving a cold winter. Then as temperatures heat up it has to make it through the sticky, hot, dry summer.

By fall, your lawn is ready for a break. And it might show signs of wear. Maybe it looks tired or thin or a bit splotchy.

Never fear! Fall is the perfect time to set things right and give your lawn the boost it needs to replenish itself for winter and recover before that next big growing season.

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Summer days are long, and naturally you want to be outside enjoying them.

Whether you’re grilling dinner out back on your patio, lounging by your fire pit, or playing fetch with your dog, you are just looking to enjoy a little downtime. Nothing wrong with that.

But the party is over the second “they” show up. Your unwanted guests. The ones that leave you running quickly indoors, unable to enjoy your yard.

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Summertime is here. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than having a barbecue for your family, friends, and neighbors? You can hang out at the grill sizzling up some hamburgers and hotdogs while catching up on current events and laughing with your guests.

But there’s one thing that can drain the fun from your backyard bash faster than your guests refusing to RSVP: mosquitoes.

How Did Ants Get in Your House and Where Are They Hiding?

You’re spending a nice spring day enjoying the sun coming through the windows when you notice something moving around on your kitchen counter.

At first you think it’s a trick of the eye. Maybe you just imagined you saw something moving. But then you take a closer look and see an ant crawling across the space you could swear you just cleaned off. And then you see another one. And another one. What gives? Where did the ants even come from?

VIDEO: Should I Overseed My Lawn in Spring in Maryland?

As a homeowner, naturally you cherish curb appeal. You want your home and landscape to look nice.

Regular lawn care is a big component of making your lawn shine as it frames your house. You want your lawn to not only look great, but to also continue to add value to your investment. We get it. Your lawn and home are important to you.

VIDEO: How to Identify and Get Rid of Grassy Lawn Weeds in Maryland

Feel like weeds are ruining your life?

It might sound dramatic, but it’s quite easy to be exasperated by weeds when they pop up out of nowhere and take over your lawn.

You pull them, spray them, yell at them. And just when you think you’ve eliminated them for good, weeds find their way back.

Does Lawn Aeration & Seeding Work? Answers for Maryland Homeowners

If you’re looking at a thin lawn that looks tired and worn out, you’re probably feeling a little at a loss. You might even be embarrassed if your lawn seems to be the scourge of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, a thin, faded, unhealthy lawn stands out next to a thick, green one.

Maybe you’ve even fertilized and watered and mowed, and your lawn still seems, well, just sad. Or in Central and Southern Maryland where tall fescue is the main grass species, maybe your lawn has reverted to a clumpy appearance.