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VIDEO: How to Kill Weeds in Your Lawn: Pro Tips for Central & Southern Maryland

Of all the things that can be problematic to Central and Southern Maryland lawns, weeds have got to be the worst.

A weed shows up in your lawn almost without warning as enemy No. 1. It can be tall and spiny and strange-looking, so it naturally stands out in the wrong way. And, what’s worse, many weeds travel in clumps with their friends so they seem to almost double and triple overnight. In fact, thousands of weed seeds can survive in the soil for years before they germinate and grow.

6 Facts About Crabgrass Control Every Maryland Homeowner Should Know

Having a crabgrass moment?

You know what we’re talking about. Maybe you’re commiserating with a neighbor in the driveway or talking about how this nasty weed( that )seems to take over lawns with such ease. Maybe you’re even daydreaming of killing crabgrass in numerous ways ranging from normal to completely outlandish. 

You’re not alone. Crabgrass is enemy No. 1 when it comes to lawn villains. 

VIDEO: 8 of the Worst Lawn Weeds in Southern Maryland (and What to Do About Them)

When it comes to your image of the perfect lawn, there is probably one thing that will spoil your vision more than anything else: weeds. 

They’re tall and prickly and spiky and look completely out of place in your well-manicured front yard. What’s more, is they make your lawn look neglected and take away from the overall beauty and enjoyment of your yard!