What Do Lawn Care Companies Use to Kill Weeds in Maryland?

Not much beats a great-looking lawn on your Maryland property. You might be wondering when you pass an amazing-looking lawn what kind of work it takes to achieve all that green glory without a weed in sight.

And that’s really the biggest culprit, isn’t it? Weeds. They are the bane of every lovely lawn’s existence.

As you admire a weed-free neighbor’s lawn, you might be pondering what chemicals lawn care companies use to kill weeds that keeps these properties they manage so tidy.

You want to know if you can get the same results, and you’re genuinely curious about the products they use. You’re probably aware that fertilizer and weed control products are available at your local hardware or home improvement store, but are those the same types of products a professional uses? Can you get the same results if you do it yourself?

We want to help answer your questions about weed control in Maryland.

What Do Professionals Use to Kill Weeds?

First of all, it’s important to mention that the products you purchase at a big box store are not the same weed control products that a professional uses.

Use This Lawn Weed ID Tool to Spot Weeds in Your Lawn

Key differences are usually the potency and effectiveness, since a lawn care professional must be licensed in the state of Maryland to apply professional-grade products. While some of the ingredients may be similar, the formulation and concentration of the products we use will be different than those sold in stores.

weeds in grassBut there are some other factors that can influence weed control effectiveness.

How Professionals Apply Lawn Care Spray Matters, Too

Lawn care professionals also identify and target specific weeds on your property in order to treat them correctly.

See, weeds are pretty advantageous, grabbing the opportunity to sprout where they can find it.

Lawn care technicians use this knowledge to target specific weeds using timing and best methods of control. This leads to better control using fewer products.

lawn care technicians inspect weeds in lawnKnowing what weed they are fighting gives them a big advantage in targeting lawn care spray for ideal effectiveness.

Chemicals Lawn Care Companies Use to Kill Weeds

What do professionals use to kill weeds? In addition to targeting specific weeds with timing and accurate control methods to put down as little product as possible for maximum and targeted control, they also use various strategies for killing weeds at different stages of their lives.

lawn care technician sprays for weedsEvery weed is unique. Some are best controlled before they grow up and out of the ground, while others can be targeted after you spot them. Some weeds won’t emerge if you maintain your lawn’s thick, healthy stand, too.

Grassy annual weeds, for instance – think crabgrass – germinate in early to mid-spring. That is when your Maryland soil temperatures reach about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Once these weeds start germinating, they continue through the summer and don’t die out until first frost. And they can become very strong and multiply in your lawn during that time.

For this reason, using granular pre-emergent herbicides at the correct time helps lawn care experts prevent these weeds from germinating.

fertilization technician pours fertilizer into walk behind spreaderBroadleaf perennial weeds like clover and dandelions, on the other hand, germinate in spring and summer and are not controlled through pre-emergent herbicide applications. Therefore, the best way to tackle these weeds is best done using a post-emergent weed control product.

Application Equipment Also Factors Into Proper Weed Control

When you’re looking at the chemicals lawn care companies use to kill weeds, you also have to look at how they are applied to your lawn.

When lawn care experts apply pre-emergent herbicides in granular form, they use a high-end spreader that is precisely calibrated to get even application.

lawn care technicians prepare fertilizer spreaderWhen your lawn care technician uses post-emergent herbicides in liquid form, he or she is using a hose application that targets larger droplets onto your lawn, reducing the potential for drift and ensuring the product reaches a precise location – the weed you want to go away. Drift is the impact wind can have on any lawn care application, and you certainly don't want to be losing product to wind or directing product away from the weed you’re targeting.

Get Precise Weed Control in Central and Southern Maryland

You don’t like weeds. We don’t either. They ruin a great lawn.

As you review various lawn care sprays to target weeds, remember that one of your biggest defenses against weeds is a thick, healthy lawn. This way weeds seeds can’t get the water and sunlight necessary to sprout in the first place.

Proper lawn care includes soil testing to check your nutrient levels, fertilization targeted toward your inefficiencies, proper mowing height (3 to 4 inches) and frequency (weekly), proper watering so your lawn isn’t over- or under-watered, and fall aeration and overseeding to thicken up your lawn.

If, despite your best efforts, you feel like you are constantly finding and fighting weeds in your lawn, then it might be time to ditch the DIY lawn care methods and call a pro.

Natural Green Systems would be happy to take a look at your lawn and suggest a customized approach to battling your weeds and keeping them at bay. Our targeted and proactive approach to weed control uses our knowledge of Maryland weed species and ensures you have fewer weeds to deal with throughout the year.

And then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the summer outdoors, boating the best lawn on the block.

Are weeds getting in the way of more fun in the sun in your landscape? We’d love to learn more. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll prepare a customized plan that leads you to the best choice for you and your lawn.

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