What is Perimeter Pest Control and How Much Does It Cost in Central & Southern Maryland?

You want to keep unwanted guests out of your home, and that includes bugs. No one invited them. We totally understand.

And you may have even heard that quarterly perimeter pest control treatments can help keep those pests out.

But you might be wondering, “What is perimeter pest control?” and “Do I need perimeter pest control?”

If you’ve had ants all over your kitchen floors or cockroaches in your cupboards, you know how horrible being invaded by insects can feel. And once you get them out, you don’t want them back in. You might even do anything to avoid experiencing that whole nightmare again.

That’s where perimeter pest control can help. Let’s talk about what it is and how much it costs to give you a better understanding of the service and its many benefits.

What is Perimeter Pest Control?

In Central and Southern Maryland, bugs become active as temperatures approach 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

They are on the hunt for shelter, food, and secure places to chill and do their thing, which mainly involves making more bugs. We know: Not what you wanted to hear.

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Your home can become pretty inviting. You have moisture and humidity that can draw them in, and you have crumbs and spills and trash – all things insects find quite attractive.

pest expert sprays perimeter pest controlAnd if you have any small openings – maybe some cracks near your windows or foundation that aren’t filled, little bugs can find their way in.

Perimeter pest control in Central and Southern Maryland is a way to block out bugs by applying a product around your home foundation to discourage pests from entering. Refreshing this barrier quarterly ensures it doesn’t break down, keeping pests away. The reason pests don’t like to cross the barrier is because it’s a product they don’t like the smell or taste of, so they stay away.

Here are some great reasons perimeter pest control is important.

Professional Eyes

A huge benefit of perimeter pest control in Central and Southern Maryland is having an experienced technician outside of your home on a quarterly basis.

customer team pest inspection 139In securing your pest barrier, they keep their eyes out for any problems they see, alerting you of issues and providing instant solutions. When you have technicians who have years of knowledge on how to find pests, bugs don’t stand a chance on your property.

It would certainly be hard for anyone without this training and education to become pest experts overnight.

Perimeter Pest Control Saves You Time & Energy

When you have perimeter pest control in Central and Southern Maryland, you don’t have to worry about making time for doing the chore yourself. And that includes identifying and researching the pest, buying the products, learning how to apply them and then doing the job properly.

pest control expert sprays outside of homeHiring a professional saves you the time you would have spent doing all that. It also ensures the task gets done at the right time and there isn’t a delay, giving pests more time to multiply and invade your personal space.

How Much Does Perimeter Pest Control Cost?

Perimeter pest control, if you can believe it, also saves you money. Here’s how.

By keeping pests out of your home, you save on the cost to treat infestations.

Quarterly perimeter pest control services can cost approximately $125 per visit. To treat an infestation costs double that – minimum – in addition to the cost of a follow-up visit to ensure those pests are gone.

What to Look For When Hiring a Perimeter Pest Control Company

While perimeter pest control in Central and Southern Maryland keeps those bugs out, to vacate pests from inside your home, you need to ensure you find a professional exterminator who can do both the interior and exterior treatments to get the best outdoor bug barrier possible.

pest control expert sprays perimeter of homeThis requires two different licenses. In Maryland, a company with a perimeter pest control incense can only apply products to the ground 2 to 3 feet around your home foundation. But a company with a general pest control license can widen that perimeter, looking at windows and doors and cracks and crevices, as well as going up the foundation 2 to 3 feet to ensure a stronger barrier. They can also go inside your home, if necessary, to inspect problem areas and eradicate any infestations you might have.

Building a partnership with a company that can give you more can make this service work even better for you on your quest to eliminate pests.

Worry Less With Perimeter Pest Control

No one wants a pest party taking over their house, eating their food, and making dark corners their homes.

Not only are they a nuisance, but some pests like cockroaches and mice can carry disease and be destructive. If you can keep them out, you’re better off avoiding this trouble, expense, and time it takes to kick them out.

customer and pest expert inspect home for pestsWe hope this “what is perimeter pest control” refresher helps you better understand this service, its benefits, and its cost so you can make the best decision for your family and home.

If you still have questions or are having repeat pest problems that you’d like to get ahead of, give Natural Green Systems a call. We can educate you on our proven process to eliminate pests and give you the peace of mind you crave.

Have some questions about perimeter pest control costs and services? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can relax and avoid any surprise pest problems.

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