What Services Do Most Lawn Care Companies Provide in Central & Southern Maryland?

If you are thinking about hiring a professional lawn care service provider in Central and Southern Maryland, you might be curious about what is included in lawn care services.

In fact, as you see the different terminology – everything from lawn care to lawn care maintenance to lawn care package – you might question what each one includes, whether they are all the same thing, and which one makes the most sense for you to invest in.

We completely understand. It can be confusing. We’re here to help you eliminate the guesswork so you can get a better idea of what these terms mean, what should be a part of your lawn care program, and what you’re signing up for.

Lawn Care Services Explained

First, let’s start with all the different terminology out there.

Caring for your lawn involves everything from mowing to fertilization to weed and insect control to aeration.

But lawn care maintenance or lawn mowing usually refers to just the mowing portion of services where a professional comes to your house to mow your lawn.

What do lawn care services do? Lawn care services and lawn care programs refer to the fertilization, weed control, insect control, and aeration or soil amendment services that are all meant to improve the quality of your lawn.

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Lawn care services are those individual applications or care approaches, such as fertilization, that a service provider can perform. A lawn care program is a group of these services into a package that is best suited to your needs.

lawn technician sprays for grubsWhat you’re really seeking for your lawn is a lawn care program. This gets you the best all-around care. This way you are learning what your lawn needs versus just picking and choosing random services when you remember to do so. A lawn requires regular care, and opting for a package can help you save time and money and get professional eyes on your property on a frequent basis so you can stay ahead of any problems or issues and keep your lawn healthy and thriving.

Also, many lawn care services complement each other. For instance, adjusting your soil pH with lime applications can enable your lawn to better absorb fertilizer, so those treatments are more effective.

What is Included in Lawn Care Services?

As we said above, lawn care programs are groups of services gathered together to benefit you and your lawn.

And while many lawn care packages may seem similar, you will notice some variation between different programs from one company to another.

lawn care technician consults with clientSo if you’re considering a few lawn care companies in Central and Southern Maryland, you’ll need to take time to look at their websites and ask them what their programs include. Then you can compare those companies’ offerings side by side.

Many companies will offer a few different packages so you can choose what kind of program works best for your lawn.

Standard Lawn Care Service Packages

At a minimum, standard lawn care services should include:

  • Lawn fertilization, which is the use of a professional-grade fertilizer applied at the right time with the correct amount to provide the proper nutrients.

lawn technician pours fertilizer in spreader

  • Customized weed control, which tackles weeds specifically for your lawn in preventive and curative ways based on the specific weeds you’re dealing with. This includes pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide applications from spring through fall.

lawn technician sprays for weeds

  • A soil test, which will give your lawn care provider insight into the soil your lawn is growing in and tell them whether lime applications are necessary for improving your soil pH and therefore enabling your lawn to actually absorb nutrients.

lawn care technician performs soil test

lawn care expert inspects turf disease with clientsBeyond this, there will be lawn care programs with additions, such as preventive grub control, surface-feeding insect control, core aeration, and overseeding.

Choosing the Best Lawn Care Packages in Central and Southern Maryland

You want to feel confident that your lawn is getting what it needs. That makes total sense.

When companies don’t package services, you might feel like you’re in more control because you can pick and choose. But your time is valuable and focused on other things, so you may not have the time to truly care for your lawn the way it needs to be maintained. And you might even start to feel like a lawn care company that offers individual services is starting to nickel-and-dime you as they keep suggesting additions to make your lawn better.

lawn care technician aerates lawn

This is why it’s best to have everything you need from the start in a lawn care program. Trained technicians who come at regular intervals

Instead of wondering, “What services do most lawn care companies provide,” you should be confident in knowing that your lawn care company in Central and Southern Maryland is doing the right things for your lawn and that you’re getting the results you want without having to do a lot of additional research and leg work. Your service provider should be doing this for you so you can focus on enjoying your lawn.

Not getting this type of service? Let Natural Green Systems help. We want to ensure you make the most informed and best decision for you. We are happy to take the time to assist you in comparing programs so you can see what a professional lawn care program includes.

Want to learn more about what professional lawn care services in Central and Southern Maryland offer? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can just sit back and enjoy your lawn.

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