When to Fertilize Your Lawn in Spring in Maryland

Don’t you hate to run late? It makes you feel hectic. It makes you stress out. And who needs more stress today? No one.

Though it may seem like it’s creeping up on you, spring erupts on the scene pretty quickly. And most of us can’t wait. Those warmer days are so welcome after a stretch of gray, winter days.

But almost immediately you feel late. Late to spring cleaning. Late to cleaning up your yard from winter’s wrath. Late. Late. Late.
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Bring prepared for spring -- and the growing season -- can give your yard a huge advantage for the year. Your reward: a stronger, greener, and healthier lawn.

The season starts with a lawn fertilizer application. Let’s talk about the best time to begin this process for the best results.

When to Fertilize Your Lawn in Spring?

You want a healthy lawn. Everyone does.

Lawns obtain nutrients from the soil to grow. During the growing season, they often need a little help. Enter a lawn fertilizer application. It encourages turf blade and root growth, boosting lawn density and reducing weeds in the process.
NaturalGreen technician applying fertilizerSounds like a no brainer, right? Better, thicker lawn and fewer weeds. Sign me up!

But when it comes to getting the season started right, you may be wondering when to start fertilizing your lawn.

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This is an intelligent question, and here’s why. Fertilize too early, and you waste product (and potentially break some state laws … we’ll get to that in a moment). Fertilize too late, and you miss a key window for best results. Time and money wasted is never fun.

Here are some key facts to consider when it comes to lawn fertilization timing, particularly that first application.

Maryland’s Fertilization Rules

The first factor to consider when looking at your first lawn fertilization application is Maryland’s Lawn Fertilizer Law. This law is in place to protect our beloved Chesapeake Bay.

According to the law, no lawn fertilizer should be applied between December 1 and March 1.

So, in addition to other rules you must follow for fertilizing in Maryland, your first application cannot happen until March1.

Environmental Factors That Impact Fertilization Timing

Respecting Maryland law comes first. But looking at timing based on the plant and the weather conditions is also important.

For the most part, you’re looking for that moment in spring when the days are getting longer and the grass is coming out of dormancy. That is the time for your initial lawn fertilizer application because you want the turf plants to be able to pick up those nutrients as they begin bursting with new growth.Lawn care technician preparing fertilizer

Summer Lawn Protection

Just as spring jumps in fairly quickly, summer comes right behind it with higher heat and humidity, and many times the addition of drought and dry conditions.

Timely lawn fertilizer application in spring gives your grass the ability to develop strong roots. This enables it to better survive the worst that summer can throw at it.

Beat the Weeds

Spring arrives and you’re basking in the sunlight and digging your toes in the grass. It feels so good … until you see that first weed.

Ugh! Where did that come from? Once soil temperatures reach a consistent 50 degrees or more, weed seeds begin to germinate.

You want to prevent weeds when they are at their weakest -- before germination. And one of the best ways to do this is with a strong, thick, healthy lawn that can crowd out weeds as they try and sneak their way in.

Lawn fertilizer application is a key part of strengthening your grass.Granular lawn fertilizer

Embrace Early Spring Lawn Care in Maryland

You want a thicker, greener lawn. We don't blame you. It’s part of your summer dream. We get that.

When to fertilize your lawn in spring is an essential timing factor to consider so you start things off right at the beginning of the growing season.

We hope these fertilization facts help you better understand this concept.

Still stumped at how fertilization can best help your Maryland lawn in early spring? That’s OK. We know it can be confusing. That’s why we’re here. To help you better understand your options so you become a smarter shopper and can reap the benefits of a great looking lawn.

Looking to kick spring off right for your lawn? We’d love to help. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll prepare a customized plan so you can have that lawn you long for.

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