4 Winter Lawn Weeds in Maryland and What To Do About Them

Take a look at your lawn. You probably can’t see the evil enemies lurking among your grass blades.

These winter weeds in Maryland may not be flourishing as the weather cools, but the milder temperatures of our area allow them to linger in wait, eager for the moment when they can emerge further.

And, what’s more, these winter weeds can be challenging to control.

Use This Lawn Weed ID Tool to Spot Weeds in Your Lawn

Let’s take a closer look at the most common winter weeds in Central and Southern Maryland and how you can get rid of them.

4 Winter Weeds in Maryland

Weeds are such a nuisance. While you might think weeds are born and thrive in spring, there are winter lawn weeds in Maryland that become active in fall and then hang on through winter only to grow stronger in spring.

Lawn technician training weeds inspectionHere are the worst winter lawn weeds.

1. Chickweed

One winter weed in Maryland that spreads quickly is chickweed.

Chickweed is one of the simpler lawn weeds to spot since it grows low and has white flowers. The flowers resemble little stars with five petals each.

ChickweedWhen chickweed is left to stew in a lawn over winter, it gains power and becomes a spring lawn invader.

2. Purple Deadnettle

One winter weed in Maryland that you’ll notice is purple deadnettle with its light purple flowers. Its leaves also often have a purple coloring.

Mowing your lawn too short can favor purple deadnettle growth.

Purple DeadnettleThe best way to keep this weed out: Maintain healthy, dense turf that prevents weed establishment.

3. Bittercress

If you want to control winter lawn weeds, don’t let bittercress sneak past you.

This one may start small, but it can grow into a tall eyesore and produce seed pods that disperse more bittercress when they open.

Bittercress lawn weedBittercress thrives in excess moisture. Since it can overwinter easily, spring rains can give this weed a head start once the weather begins to warm again if you don't get ahead of it.

4. Henbit

Henbit is a winter lawn weed in Maryland that becomes more of a nuisance once it flowers. The deep purple flowers are also an eyesore.

henbitThis winter annual weed typically dies back once warmer weather hits later in spring, but by then it’s been taking over your lawn for months.

How to Control Winter Lawn Weeds

During the fall, these cool-season winter weeds in Maryland begin to emerge, but they are less noticeable at this smaller size. This makes them easy to neglect.

However, these weeds continue to grow through autumn, and then they gain prominence early in the year becoming eyesores by March. This extra time gives their roots a chance to grow deeper. Post-emergent weed control actually works best when these weeds are small in fall, so waiting until spring when they are more apparent makes them tougher to manage.

NaturalGreen crew technician granular fertilizer 7In addition to a full year of proper lawn fertilization and weed control, particularly in autumn, controlling winter weeds can also be done through prevention. Proper lawn care and services like aeration and overseeding can thicken and strengthen your lawn, making it harder for these weeds to sneak in.

Control Winter Weeds For Good

Don’t let these four winter lawn weeds in Maryland make your lawn a mess once spring arrives.

They are sneaky, but they can be controlled with a proper plan.

If you suspect you have a winter weed lurking but aren’t sure what it is or if it’s a problem, give Natural Green a call. We can inspect your Central or Southern Maryland lawn and let you know what’s going on and get ahead of it so you can focus on enjoying the spring once it arrives on your weed-free lawn.

Want to improve your lawn’s health and eliminate weeds for good? Natural Green Systems can help. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll customize a plan that gives you a lawn your neighbors will envy.

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Image Source: Chickweed, Bittercress, Henbit

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