Aeration & Overseeding

Want a green, thick, healthy lawn? Then you have to care for the roots and soil that hold it in place. If they’re strong, your lawn will be, too.

Aeration can breathe new life into your lawn by giving roots the dose of oxygen they need. Follow it with overseeding and any bare patches will disappear, leaving less room for weeds to take their place. 

What is Aeration & Overseeding and Do I Need It?

The secret to a thick, healthy lawn is aeration and overseeding.

Aerating a lawn involves using a machine to pull small cores of soil and deposit them on the lawn. This relieves soil compaction and helps water, nutrients, and oxygen to be more accessible to grass root systems.

Following it up with overseeding fills these aeration holes with grass seed to promote fuller growth.


Are you having a barbecue or some refreshing iced tea? Relax and get comfortable, while we boost your lawn’s health and appearance from above and beneath—where it counts!


How Lawn Aeration Helps: 

  • Aeration helps to reduce thatch which blocks moisture from reaching your lawn's roots and also harbors disease and insects
  • Compacted soil makes it hard for grass roots to develop properly. Aeration helps to improve your soil structure.
  • Aeration encourages more beneficial microorganisms to live in your soil, making your lawn healthier in the long run.

Natural Green offers aeration and overseeding services for Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, Calvert, St. Mary's, Charles, and Anne Arundel Counties, MD


Immediately after your lawn is aerated, there are small holes where the aeration cores are pulled out and deposited on the surface. These holes and plugs create great soil-to-seed contact for new seedlings to help fill in thin areas.


How Overseeding Helps: 

  • Aeration and overseeding helps to fill in thin areas throughout your lawn, helping it to naturally defend itself against lawn weeds.
  • We utilize premium blends of seed which are far superior to seed mixtures you'll find at your local garden store. This grass seed is certified for optimum germination and performance against diseases and certain pests. 

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Kenny B. from Prince Frederick, MD

Technicians are friendly and courteous. They take time to explain your treatments and address any concerns even if another visit is required. Their knowledge of the many facets of lawn maintenance is outstanding. I am glad I made the switch from another provider to Natural Green Systems.

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