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You built that backyard deck so you can sit on a long lounge chair and enjoy the sunset with a drink in hand. 

You maintain your yard so you can enjoy an evening walk with your dog or spend some quality time with your child playing catch.

You clean your home so that it’s neat and tidy and makes you feel safe and cozy. 

It only takes one thing to put a damper on any of these safe havens: pests! 

Our Central and Southern Maryland pest control services can help you take back control of your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces so you can leave your worries behind and get back to your regularly scheduled programming. 

View Pest Control Programs

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Worry-Free Homes & Yards Start with Good Choices

While hiring the best pest control service with an expert team that uses cutting-edge materials helps, what really makes an impact in getting rid of pests comes from YOU.

Your choices are really what matters and ultimately gets rid of pests. Watch this video and find out how some of our customers feel about their decision to use our pest control services. 

Natural Green offers pest control services for Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, Calvert, St. Mary's, Charles, and Anne Arundel Counties, MD



Comparing Pest Control Services?

Check out this helpful, interactive guide to compare pest control companies in Southern & Central MD.

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Quarterly Perimeter Pest Control Service

Ants, spiders and cockroaches can take the fun out of a home cooked meal … and they don’t even compliment the chef. Take back your kitchen and say goodbye to these messy guests.

Mosquito Program

The maddening whir of mosquitoes … and the itchy, crimson bumps that follow. Today, regrettably, those bites can come with life-threatening illnesses for you, your family and your pets. Stop the bites and enjoy the picnic again.

Flea & Tick Program

Your dog is your best furry friend. Protect him and your family from fleas and ticks so instead of worrying about disease, you can just enjoy the moment.

Termite Control

Your wood deck or wood-framed home should hold your good times and memories … and not be a meal for termites. A treatment to attack active termites plus a barrier control preventive to keep them from coming back can keep termites away so you can enjoy your day.

Bed Bug Services

Once bed bugs get into your home, they take over, turning the images of fresh sheets and linens into pest havens. In three treatments, we can help you take back your home.

Rodent Control

During the winter months, mice and rats are looking for warm places to call home until spring returns. Don’t let them choose your abode. Keep the cozy in and the rodents out.

Say Goodbye to Pests

View Pest Control Programs

Kenny B. from Prince Frederick, MD

Technicians are friendly and courteous. They take time to explain your treatments and address any concerns even if another visit is required. Their knowledge of the many facets of lawn maintenance is outstanding. I am glad I made the switch from another provider to Natural Green Systems.

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