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Round 1 – An application of specially blended fertilizer containing humic acid and sea kelp designed to develop root mass and limit top growth. An application of weed control products tailored to your lawns individual needs. (Inspection for insect Activity)

Round 2 – A slow release fertilizer designed to sustain your lawn through the summer months will be applied along with an inspection and treatment for weed issues. (A lawn evaluation for seeding and insect activity will also be performed)

Round 3 – An application of slow release fertilizer with added potassium to reinvigorate and strengthen your lawn during mid to late summer. Target applications of weed control products to persistent weed issues will be performed. (Inspect and evaluate lawn for insects and seeding needs)

Round 4 – An application of our blended fertilizer containing organics such as sea kelp and humic acid. Plus, an organic bio-stimulant designed to stimulate root growth and soil development. (Highly Recommended for areas that are newly seeded or to be seeded)

Round 5 – This application will contain both our blended fertilizer and special micro-nutrient additive to enhance and strengthen your lawn this fall. Weed control will be provided based on seeding plan for your lawn.

Round 6 – This late season application will be either fertilizer or a maintenance lime application based on the pH of your soil. We will also perform a thorough cool season weed control application designed to eliminate late season weeds. (Typical lime application rates are 10 – 20 lbs of lime per 1000 square feet.

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Summer Lawn Care Program
(Available June-December Only)

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