How to Find and Seal Pest Entry Points to Your House: Tips for Maryland Homeowners

Regular guests to your home usually knock first before you let them in. You get the opportunity to greet and welcome them.

But there are some visitors to your house in Maryland that use some secret backdoors to come in. And they don’t knock first or ask permission. They just barge their way in and set up shop, making your home their own.

We’re talking about pests and rodents, and they are not the kind of special visitors you’d like showing up to your personal space, wrecking your home’s peace and tranquility. And there are certain times of the year, like the autumn months, where pests are looking for a safe, warm place to eat and raise their pest families, and your home looks pretty attractive.

Let’s talk about how to find pest entry points and ways you can seal your home from pests so you can better protect yourself from these infestations.

Watch Out For These Common Entry Points for Pests

Small pests and rodents can easily smell the smallest morsels of food and feel the slightest bits of heat. Your home with all its warmth and stocked pantry looks like the best place to sneak in and set up shop.

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But if you prevent them from getting in in the first place, then no matter how inviting your home looks, you’re protected.

Sealing your home from pests is the solution. Here are some ways you can identify these areas and close them properly.

How to Find Pest Entry Points

Pests don’t use the front door like your other guests and visitors.

Knowing where they like to find their ways inside can help you identify your focal points for stopping them in their tracks.

pest control expert inspects interior of home Rodents and pests don’t need a big, grand entryway. In fact, they can sneak into the tiniest of holes located between walls, below floors, in attics, inside potted plants, under your siding, around your home foundation or window and door frames, and near basements, window wells, and insulation. These are common entry points for pests.

When Are Pests Most Active?

Pests are active anytime daytime temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

pest control expert inspects outside of home This means they are still moving about in fall. But as the temperatures begin to drop, they start to seek shelter in warmer places. And your home is definitely one of those, which is why autumn is an ideal time to learn about sealing your home from pests.

How to Seal Pest Entry Points

When it comes to common entry points for pests, you want to make sure you look around these areas and ensure any holes are sealed so your home is protected.

pest control technician shows client issue on window Up to one-quarter inch, you can use caulk to seal holes. Once you get to openings between one-quarter inch and 1 inch in diameter, you want something more secure, especially when it comes to keeping rodents out. In these cases, Natural Green recommends copper mesh and expanding foam. The copper mesh deters mice because they don’t like it and won’t take the effort to try and chew through it.

Embrace Fall Pest Control Services in Central and Southern Maryland

In a season like fall when you know pests will be looking for new, warmer places of shelter and safety, you want to take action to ensure they don’t choose your home as their new hangouts.

As you’re looking for common entry points for pests, however, it might become confusing as to whether what you’re seeing is an opening big enough for rodents and bugs to get through. We completely understand.

If you give Natural Green Systems a call, we can come in and do an inspection for you and help seal up your pest entry points to ensure you get your home ready for fall and winter potential pest threats. If we find any pest problems, we can also treat those and ensure you go into these colder seasons without any bug issues. We know exactly where to look for pest problems and can get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get on with enjoying your fall activities.

Noticing any fall pests in your home or worried that bugs and rodents could become a problem for you as the colder weather comes in? Want to learn more about our pest control services in Central and Southern Maryland? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can just sit back and enjoy your home -- without the unwanted visitors.

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